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  1. thank you for filling me in!
  2. the thing that concerns me most about cole is that whenever he gets a breakaway...he often does NOTHING with it. a lot of times he won't even get a shot off... in past seasons he'll fake out the goalie going one way and cut back to the other...land it in the back of the net. i dunno, it just seems like he doesn't have that magic touch anymore. as far as landing hits though, he came out banging bodies against washington on tuesday...that looked good. he was getting feisty with ovechkin in the opening few minutes.
  3. i ordered from ticketmaster...i think i ended up in section 312. got an email that they were printed yesterday. i only got tickets to "home game 3" which i'm pretty sure is going to be game 5 so...yeah. i'm excited don't know how many games i'm gonna get to though, i'm running kinda low on cash! hopefully i'll be able to get to one game every round, just like i did '05-'06
  4. wait...how did steroids come into this? i think i missed something. anybody wanna fill me in?
  5. oooh nice article! i never realized what our stats were since roddy went down. oh man, going back to november/december i never would've thought we had a chance at making the playoffs...sorry, i'm not the most optimistic person on the planet haha. i'm glad the guys proved me wrong
  6. if our defense improved, of course his stats would improve. if the defense is good, he's going to get less shots at him, less chances/pucks/players/sticks/whatever shoved in his face. obviously it's not like if the defense is good he can sit back there and pick daisies, gets perfect stats, and everyone praises him like a god.
  7. definitely can't blame the entire previous or current season on goaltending, HOWEVER! cam isn't a starting goalie. he definitely has the potential to be, but he isn't yet. cam's a pretty good 'tender, but he just wasn't ready to be thrown into the number one position so quickly. we should've kept gerber, he is an excellent example of a number one. he carried us through the SC winning season. then in the playoffs, that's where having a GOOD backup goaltender comes in. cam...is obviously the good backup goaltender here. it's important to have a good backup that you can rely on. we have two GREAT backup goalies on the canes...what we need is a GREAT starter.
  8. tattoos make one a freakshow? sweet. way to be judgemental. *claps* so eaves is injury-prone...so is stillman. missed a lot last season, missed the beginning of this season (not to mention he is older, as some of you probably know that doesn't help ). i don't see a problem with this aspect. sorta sad to see commie leave. he had excellent character and was a pretty good way to draw new fans (there aren't enough canes fans imo). was one of the few people on our team who wasn't afraid to be physical (not even talking about fighting-i'm talking checking and pressure). however...not too sad about stillman leaving. nice guy, has his amazing moments, but he just wasn't doing anything for us this season. if he would've kept up what he was doing his first few weeks of the season, that'd be a totally different story.
  9. i guess people could just call me "sticks"
  10. i know this has been the main complaint in the thread, but hey...it's a frickin' complaining thread so i'm gonna complain! i DO NOT understand why our team has such a hard time being consistent. seriously guys, everyone on the team is capable of playing fantastically, we've all seen them do it. what the heck is so hard about SHOWING UP TO THE GAMES? giving it your all? playing like you really want to be in the nhl? there's this thing called passion, and the canes need to find it. when the boys are on their a-game...we're amazing. unstoppable. so wth, get your act together. maybe they all just need a little smack in the face or something, haha. i don't know. but for real, the boys have to wake up or something drastic has to happen.
  11. i'm having a problem believing he's going to be out 6 months. granted i don't know the severity of the tear (partial or complete, if partial what the grade is), but a lot of times a pro athlete can come back from a torn acl in about 3 months. so he'd be back at the end of the season. i took sports medicine for 3 years, i have worked with athletes who aren't even CLOSE to having the capability of healing as quickly as jwillie can, and they have been able to come back quickly from an acl tear. if he's not back at the end of the season, i'd be pretty damn concerned that something isn't going on right.
  12. are some of you people really so **editted for content** to say that once a player is past his prime, he needs to retire? are you kidding me? uhmmm wow. anyways. recchi is one of my all time favorites. it would be wonderful to have him here. it's true, we don't need MORE forwards. we need more forwards who have drive. i think recchi would provide that drive and even though our defense is uhm...questionable, it would help pick up the alltogether team play. the canes organization responds well to veterans, i think he'd be a nice addition to the team. however, i'm not sure i would really want to bring him in because i'd be devastated as to who we'd have to trade for him. ** No one on here, including the admin, really likes or appreciates it when members are insulted just for stating their opinions, whether you happen to agree w/ them or not. Please find a more constructive way to convey your views - thanks. - 300*
  13. i went to the flyers game on wednesday, and i was pretty upset to find the free lot closed. i ended up parking a little further up youth center. i didn't have any cash on me, and i don't have a atm card...if i didn't see other people pulling into that lot i'm not sure what i would've done. when i was trying to get across trinity i head one of the officers speaking to another one. he said, "we should take a survey and ask why people won't pay $8 to park." i'll tell you why! i'm a broke college student and the only reason i could afford to come to the game is because my friend gave me a free ticket! in my opinion, since there are so many people who don't mind walking if they don't have to pay, there should be a special lot or something that IS managed by the RBC center. maybe just have it so only a small number of people can get in free or something.
  14. i'm really sad i can't go tonight and i'm angry it's not on tv!! anyways, this really nice couple (with a caniac on the way!) came into my work today and bought canes jerseys for the game tonight. they're from virginia, so show them a good time here!!
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