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  1. I hope he returns too. He still has alot of hockey left in him-no matter how old he is
  2. Montreal vs Boston -boston Pittsburgh vs Ottawa -ottawa Washington vs Philly -philly NJ vs NYR-don't like either so I don't care or this (If Pittsburgh wins vs Philly tomorrow) Pittsburgh vs Philly-philly Montreal vs Bostin-boston Washington vs Ottawa-ottawa NJ vs NYR-don't like either so I don't care
  3. Pens vs Flyers - flyers Montreal vs Ottawa - Ottawa Washington vs Boston - Boston Devils vs Rangers - can they both be out ottawa to win cup-commie and stillman
  4. I will be right along with you. Suppose the NHL is happy now. AO is in!
  5. I will be cheering for anybody and everybody but Washington! I do not like AO at all and never have since day 1. Don't know what it is about him, but I do not like him and wouldn't like him even if he played for Carolina. sorry, I just don't like him.
  6. very well said girl! I go to other boards and read but keep my comments to myself or post them here. Tues. game against Washington when all the penalty's were being called on us I feel the boys lost desire, last night we should of won that game. When you outshoot your opp. 46-17 you are doing something right. They just happen to capialize on every mistake we made! Was very hard loss to swollow. You know we were all there!
  7. you registered here so register there. it can't be that hard
  8. you need to go away before you get me kicked off my home boards. the refs may of helped is BULL @#%&! THEY GAVE WASHINGTON THAT GAME. YOU KNOW ITS BAD WHEN COMMENTATORS FROM OTHERS GAMES ARE TALKING ABOUT THE REFS!!!
  9. no the refs gave washington the game tues against us........sick of these commentators talking about us
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