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  1. Such a terrible tragedy. All the victims and their families and friends are in my thoughts and prayers. I live about 45 minutes from Blacksburg. Many people in this region attend Tech or know people who do so the whole area is very much in shock. I attend a local community college where quite a few Tech students also take classes. One of my friends from class was in the building next to where the shooting took place. She is very upset but okay. My cousin isn't taking classes this semester but is a student there. She has been trying to get in touch with her friends but hasn't heard from all of them yet. It's hard to believe that the worst shooting in US history has taken place today in Blacksburg. It just doesn't seem possible. What could cause a person to just snap and start shooting everyone? I don't understand the mentality. There are so many psychos out there so I guess we're not safe anywhere.
  2. Watching last nights game was sheer torture. I was really hoping to see the team come out last night, with the season on the line, and play like it was the playoffs, with some passion. I'm still hoping they make it in but in reality it's not going to happen. They haven't shown all season that they are capable of playing at another level. Oh well, at least baseball season starts in a few days. Go Canes and Braves!
  3. I somehow managed to get my list narrowed down to the 10 best looking Canes. #1 - Eric Staal The rest in no particular order... Ray Whitney Frank Kaberle Nic Wallin Cam Ward John Grahame Justin Williams Andrew Ladd Dennis Seidenberg Tim Gleason By the way, I do not watch hockey just to look at the guys. It just a plus that we have so many attractive ones. I love hockey!
  4. My family and I were at the Skate With the Canes event on the 14th. We were in the area where the players were sitting at the table signing autographs. Ray Whitney, Scott Walker, Glen Wesley, Eric Belanger, and Eric Staal were at that table. Since Eric Staal is my favorite player I was very nervous about meeting him. I jokingly made a comment to my mother who was behing me in line that I felt like I was going to pass out. All I could say to Eric was hello and got him to sign my jersey. So then my Mom looks at Eric and says I see my daughter made it through without fainting. He looked up at her and then looked at me and started laughing. It was humiliating!
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