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  1. 2:47 left. I had all teams but the Predators done by 3:30.
  2. I'm not the biggest fan of Theodore to say the least, but this is awful. No parent should ever have to deal with the death of their child. No one deserves this.
  3. I wouldn't be shocked to see three SE teams in the playoffs, but I think Tampa's got a better chance at making it than Atlanta.
  4. Could this be a sign that Marleau's on his way out? Perhaps to Ottawa for Heatley? Who knows.
  5. Last offseason, I was pushing this signing hard. Good to see it happen. Yelle's just what our fourth line needs. CA loves this.
  6. This saddens me. This guy deserved a Cup ring so badly. Best of luck to him.
  7. Phoenix should move to Quebec City. God knows that town needs a franchise. Only reason why the Nordiques left (something I'm quite thankful for!) was because they couldn't get corporate sponsorships since the team had been sucking for so long.
  8. Are underscores good? If not, I'll just go with CaniacalAvaholic.
  9. And that's the only thing that could make the Avs' jerseys any worse than they are now. Go for practice jerseys, that would make them a bit more unique to each team and a bit of a novelty. But you're not touching the game jerseys, not if I have anything to do about it.
  10. As I've never ventured into this thread before, I'm somewhat appalled to discover Bertuzzi's name being discussed. No. Just no.
  11. I would not be surprised in the least if DiPietro took the year off to recover from his surgeries. Retirement wouldn't be a shocker, either. The guy's had it pretty rough in the injury department.
  12. http://www.thehockeynews.com/articles/2730...-the-water.html Sharks need to trade someone. Anyone think we could get Milan Michalek? We'd probably have to give up Ruutu for him along with Eaves and Babchuk, but my, would he look nice next to Staal.
  13. They didn't win the Super Bowl. I'm disappointed.
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