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  1. In my case, I mainly post on the Caps boards and have been on there for a long time. I have a couple of questions: 1) Do you know the order of the teams boards being assimilated? 2) If a user has posts on multiple boards, will they keep all the posts from multiple boards and merge the post counts? (I don't really care about my post count that much, but I have 2000+ posts on the Caps boards and 20+ posts here and 0 posts on the Penguins boards.) If they decide they can not merge the three accounts, but use the post count on the first one they assimilate, that might have a factor in certain aspects of posting. For example, on the Caps boards, a user can not start a new topic in the main section until they have 100 posts. Also, who in their right mind would have chosen my user name on NHL.com? I tried to register it there and it was already taken. That is annoying. Unless they already reserved that name for me because I have it registered on at least three message boards.
  2. It is tough to always use straight numbers to decide who is the best, who is average at best and who is below average. In the case of Ward, his numbers show that he is average in the league. I would take that and be happy, were I a Canes fan. There are only a couple of netminders in the East that I would take ahead of Ward: Vokoun being one and a healthy Brodeur would be another. Thomas has been great this season, but I think that has more to do with the team around him and the fact that Fernandez was there to split time with him than anything else (and Fernandez is not nearly as good as Thomas, it is the way the team as a whole played.) Some other goaltenders may be slightly better than Ward, but not significant enough that it would make a difference in the grand scheme of things: Miller, Lundqvist, Thomas. Thomas has looked great this season, but I think that has more to do with the team around him and the fact that Fernandez was there to split time with him than anything else (and Fernandez is not nearly as good as Thomas, it is the way the team as a whole played that has his numbers looking good.) The rest of the goaltenders in the East are not as good as Ward. Don't you think the Caps would be thrilled to have a goaltender who has a 2.54 GAA and a .910 save pct? I don't think anybody can argue that the Caps are better than the Canes this year because of goaltending, the Caps have given up 4 fewer goals in 1 less game, yet Theodore has a 2.79 GAA and a .901 save pct. And if you want to talk about soft goals, all you have to do is watch just about every game Theodore has played this season to see one or two. My point is, I think Ward is a bit better than his numbers show this season due to the fact that the Hurricanes as a team have not played up to their potential in most games, but his numbers are not far off from what he is actually bringing to the table. There are more top notch goaltenders in the west than in the east this season, for whatever reason. So in my opinion, Ward is an average goaltender, yes, he is not yet at the top level, but he is certainly good enough to get the Hurricanes into the playoffs if the rest of the team plays well. There is nothing wrong with being somewhere between the 3rd and 6th best goaltender in the Eastern Conference when the top 8 teams go to the playoffs. Not every team can have the top goaltender in the league, what most teams need is a solid, dependable goaltender who will keep you in most games and give your team a chance to win, night in and night out. Ward is definitely that. The other thing to look at are Ward's career numbers, he is right on track with a steady improvement this year over last year, as he was better last year than the season before. Next season he may be in consideration for being one of the top goaltenders in the league, if he keeps improving. Here are the stats - 05-06 28 G 14 W 3.68 GAA .882 pct 0 so 06-07 60 G 30 W 2.93 GAA .897 pct 2 so 07-08 69 G 37 W 2.75 GAA .904 pct 4 so 08-09 48 G 25 W 2.54 GAA .910 pct 4 so so far, with 21 games left to go in the season. note, last year he had a better winning pct than he has this year, yet his save pct is better this year, indicating to me that the team is not playing as well around Ward as they were last year, yet his play has picked up. (Plus, he is pretty darn good for a kid that has had only 6 birthdays, right?)
  3. If there is someone who wants one of these ornaments, I have one to trade.
  4. I agree that staying healthy is a big part. However, all teams have injuries, having the depth to weather the injuries is important as well. The Hurricanes do not have that depth yet. I disagree here on three accounts, 1) the Flyers underperforming, 2) the good goalie and 3) the weak defense. Though I am a fan of the Caps, so take what I say from that perspective. Here are the stats for 3 NHL goaltenders last season: 28-21-3 2.44 GAA .910 save pct. 37-25-5 2.74 GAA .904 save pct. 25-21-6 2.91 GAA .892 save pct. One of those is the goalie the Caps have to start this season with. One is the goalie the Caps had starting the majority of their games last season. One is the goalie that the Hurricanes had last season and have going in to start this season. I leave it to you to figure out which is which and which one you would rather have going into this season. As far as the Caps Defense goes, last year they were very young. 5 of the top 7 defensemen were 25 or under. This year they are still very young, but returning almost the exact same group, with the possible addition of a top 5 draft pick from 2007, thus that group is now a year older, a year more experienced, yet still pretty young. And for a young defensive corps, they were pretty good last season, finnishing right in the middle of the NHL in most categories. And the Flyers very much overperformed last season, they came into the playoffs on a roll, having to win a lot of games down the stretch to beat out Buffalo, Carolina, Boston and Ottawa for the 6th seed. I didn't think they were even going to make the playoffs with 20 games left to go in the season, much less get the 6th seed. Then they did well in the playoffs, not only against the Caps, but against the Habs as well. See goalie stats posted above. Did you watch Kolzig last season? People might think Ward was bad for the Canes last year, but the Caps would have rather had Ward than Kolzig looking at the numbers they both put up. And I could argue that Kolzig had a better defensive corps in front of him than Ward did last season. (See goalie stats above, I will let you figure out which stats belong to which goalie.) The Hurricanes could definitely make this season interesting. I think with Staal really taking over as a leader of the team, they have a legitimate shot at giving the Caps a run for the money down the stretch. I really think that Staal has the ability to carry a team in him, he just has to excersize that ability. Florida I think will actually be pretty good, maybe not a playoff team, but they have a solid defense and the best goalie in the southeast. Goals against them are going to be hard to come by. Atlanta has issues. That is all I have to say about that. Tampa - it is hard to say what they will be. I think Melrose is going to find out things are a bit different from the last time he coached, whether he can adjust and the players can adjust to him is going to be critical for them. If they make the playoffs, I think it will be as the 8th seed.
  5. Actually, the Caps dressed only 7 players with a full season of NHL experience last night, while the Canes dressed 10 or 11.
  6. 1. Ovechkin 2. Iginla 3. Alfredsson 4. Crosby 5. Kovalchuk 6. Zetterberg 7. Thornton 8. Malkin 9. Datsyuk 10. Lecavalier 11. Ribeiro 12. Staal 13. Kovalev 14. Spezza 15. Savard
  7. I am pretty sure you can rule out the Caps as a team that Hedican could end up with for two reasons, one being the fact that the Caps do not have any Cap space, the other being that they have plenty of talented defensemen there.
  8. After Ovechkin, the largest salary contracts in effect for next year are Nylander, Semin and Poti, all of which are between 4 and 5 mil per year. After that, they have Pothier and Kozlov at around $2.5 mil, I think everyone else on the team who is already signed for next season are around or under $1.5 mil. With the way the Caps have been playing, they will not be sellers at the Trade deadline, but may actually be looking to pick up a solid defensive defenseman. For next season, I doubt they do much in terms of FA's, except either re-signing Kolzig or upgrading the goalie position. The Caps top 6 forwards and top 4 defensemen are either RFA's or under contract for next season, so they should not have a need to do much in terms of bringing anyone in, just getting the RFA's signed.
  9. In 90% of the cases, when the player that gets checked goes flying it is his own fault for leaving his feet and trying to jump over or around the check.
  10. Firing the coach worked for 2 of the teams in the Southeast division already, why not make it 3?
  11. Reportedly the payouts are $9 mil per year for the first 6 years, then $10 mil per year for the next 7. Oh, they already re-signed Semin earlier in the season, to somewhere around 5 or 6 mil/season edit: actually, a 2 year deal, average $4.6 mil per season - http://dumpnchase.wordpress.com/2007/10/27/semin-signed-and-other-news/' target="_blank">link.[/post] The one player I worry about re-signing is Mike Green.
  12. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. Don't blink, or you may miss the fact that the Caps are on a pace to pass the Canes for the Division lead by the end of the season, ever since they fired Hanlon and hired Boudreau. Believe it or not, in my opinion, the Caps have a fairly solid all around team, and have continued their recent winning ways, beating teams like Ottawa (twice), Montreal, and Colorado, even while missing 2 30 goal scorers and their top defenseman for most of the recent games.
  13. Tripp does a good job at that. In all seriousness, Forslund is a pretty good play by play guy, but I can't stand Tripp Tracey. His first take on things is wrong more often than it is right, and on the occasions when he is right, he will basically say I told you so, remember what I said the keys were... Oh, and his voice grates on me. I would be pretty embarrassed, were I the Canes organization, that he still has a prime spot in the broadcast. Relegate Tripp to doing sideline/intermission interviews, get someone else in to do the color commentating. Maybe the problem is they have not found someone else who is good enough to do so.
  14. Same here - in our last years jerseys. Caps Lineup for tonight most likely: Ovechkin-Nylander-Kozlov Fleischmann-Backstrom-Semin Pettinger-Steckel-Laing Brashear-Laich-Bradley Jurcina-Poti Morrisonn-Green Schultz-Pothier Kolzig
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