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  1. I am so proud to be part of this fan base!!!! We Love Our Canes!!!!
  2. I think there is either something wrong with the site or my computer, but I don't see the drop down menus with the players on it. I just see red and blue boxes??????? Anyone else having problems??
  3. HA HA Thanks! I scrolled through to see if anyone had previously put it on here, but I guess I scrolled too quickly.
  4. Does anyone have the link telling us what games the Canes are wearing the Black Jerseys this season?? I'm desperately trying to find it, but can't and I'm getting VERY FRUSTRATED!!! :angry: I should have printed it out the 1st time I saw it! Your help is much apperciated!!
  5. Katherine sounded better this season (if that's possible ) ! Her voice has matured a little more over the summer, either that or she was well rested! As usual, she brought a tear to my eye! BEAUTIFUL!
  6. Camniac

    The Burg

    I knew he'd eventually get the recognition he deserves! Go Iceberg!
  7. The new uni ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! The Socks are HOT and complete the look!!!!!!!! I can't wait! Screw what other people think! Change is good sometimes and I think these are Awesome! Too bad I can't afford one..... But one day I will have me one!
  8. I recall hearing from somewhere that Kristi wanted her kids to be able to grow up with their cousins in Cali. where they live.
  9. I can't read the article...it says I have to pay $12.00????? Anyone happen to have it??
  10. SAMMY!!!!!!!!! And Leighton!!!! It will be nice seeing some new faces. I can't wait to see what Pitkanen has to offer!
  11. I Am Legend was really really bad, i have to agree. I was expecting something completely different.
  12. AAAAHHHH YEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GLEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!
  13. YES! I knew it would happen! Go Leights!
  14. This is the only way I knowto get to it. Go to http://abcnews.go.com/''>http://abcnews.go.com/' target="_blank">http://abcnews.go.com/[/post] Then do a search for ..... Yamaguchi the dancing queen. It's very short and sweet, the Canes part anyway. Unless there is another video with them, but I could not find it.
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