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  1. If people listened to a different XM show, you'd have the answer. Gary Bettman does a show with Bill Clement on thursdays at 2 I think, And you can listen to it on NHL.com or get it as a podcast, It's called the NHL hour. Anyway, on the show he was discussing that due to time, hockey operations makes the ballot over the summer, so there are occasionally weird things like injured players and guys who have been awful that season. Reason being that hockey operations is busy with all sorts of other things once the season starts. But if you want to gripe about something, call in. Be polite and they may let you on the air. But really, Whitney and Wallin are the only Canes I would have put on the ballot this year anyway if we go by straight performance.
  2. This, but with no shootout. Play 3 on 3 until somebody scores. If you saw the Youngstars game last year you know it won't take long at all. By the way, anybody notice the college Football OT format? It's basically a shootout.
  3. And they still managed to loose....
  4. Just found a Black Canucks Skate logo jersey for a buck at a thrift store recently. Needless to say I have it now.
  5. AO. Great wings are very rare and hard to find. And as a Center, Eric Staal isn't too much of a slacker. No room for 2 centers making that kind of money. No disrespect to Crosby, I think he's the better player, but we already have a franchise center.
  6. How does that work? We only have one loss on the season... Oh, preseason. Doesn't count. The Red wings game though, they wore them and played their best game of the season. It's all in how you look at it.
  7. They said it was at the leafs game around Christmas time, but I was there and don't remember anything that awful looking. It was probably a minor hit that was never on TV that just caught him wrong. Shame. He was just starting to figure it out on the NHL level.
  8. cptjeff

    Worst pet peeve?

    Actually Cardiac Cane, It is illegal to not use a blinker. Not that it's ever enforced. And that is a pet peeve of mine to, but even worse are the people who put it on while they're turning. It shows they thought of it but completely forgot the entire reason behind it, and you know that they think they're doing it correctly and perhaps ranting about others who don't use them.
  9. Cherepanov also grew up with Jagr as his idol, and I bet Jagr knows that. I've been wondering if Jagr will ever be the same again. I would be devastated. This is just awful. I was looking forward to seeing this guy play.
  10. I don't remember any lint... Perhaps I was too excited with the game. Still have mine, use it for wiping my face between shifts when I play.
  11. I should also mention, they even slapped their logo on the green dot the QBs and Defensive captain wears...
  12. At least they're not the NFL- if it was the NFL the log would be on every stick, glove, skate, breezer, helmet visor and what have you there is. In the most prominant place imaginable. Or Nike in college football... I suspect the faceoff logos will be gone after the first game, so it won't be a big deal anyways.
  13. Not really. Technically, a ref only has to talk to a captain if he is on the ice at the time of the incident in question. That's why they have 3- so you can pretty much always have one out there. Refs do not have to come to the bench to listen to the captain or coach, but if the captain is on the ice the Refs have to put up with him, at least for a bit. If you only have two actual game captains, you are putting your team at a disadvantage. The NHL has been around for a while: there are reasons things are done they way they are.
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