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  1. I am out. Last year for season tickets for me. Since Waddell has been here, everything has gone downhill. He did such a great job in Atlanta and look how that turned out.
  2. Here are a couple more thoughts Why can't when the Hurricanes take the ice to start the game, we get something more than just playing Rock you like a Hurricane. Maybe a fire extinguisher as they enter the ice? I like the interviews after the game, but would like for the 3 stars to skate out more than 5 feet and then back. Why can't they skate out to around center ice and then back? I also am concerned about the attendance and the suite's. I looks like only a handful of suite are occupied, and the crowd attendance are like a Checkers game.
  3. Did not want to post this until today as it might have given some fair weather fans an excuse not to go to the game.... For the people who have legit excuses for not making the trip to support your Baby Canes tonight, Time Warner is carrying the game on either channel 519 or 520. But please if you can make the game tonight at all, OUR Checkers need support.
  4. Does anyone know why Jerome Samson is not on the playoff roster but Drayson Bowman can be on it?
  5. I am going to game 3 and probably game 5 this week in Charlotte. First time I have been to a game there. Had a few questions for people who have gone..... What time do the gates open 6pm?? Warmups at 6:30?? and what is the food like at their arena, is it similar choices to what RBC has?
  6. [quote name='MarkyMarkNC wrote: AWACSooner']Well, Scott Stevens made it in...and he was just as good a player as Rod. Frankly, I'd take Rod over him any day. Scott Stevens - 3 time Stanley Cup Champion, 4 time Norris Trophy runner-up, Conn Smythe Trophy winner, Plus / Minus Award winner, Most games ever played by a defenseman (until Chelios passed him,) 16 time All-Star, and probably the most devastating body checker the game has ever seen. I think Scott Stevens was a lot clearer of a decision for the HOF than Brindamour. As much as I love Rod and as much as I can not stand Steves, this is no comparison. Stevens of +393 is 13th best of alltime....Rod at a minus 39 has to be closer to the bottom of the list than the top...... 16 all star games vs 1. 3 cups to 1. This discussion should be with your head, not your heart. I do hope he gets in, but may take awhile and not a sure thing.
  7. I think Rod playing the last 2 years has hurt his chances..... He is now a -39 in plus/minus, and only making 1 allstar game just shows that Rod is a very good player, but not a great one.
  8. Very incorrect. I am sorry, you are right........................................ I should have said Tanabe - Freaking Useless piece of S***
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