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  1. I just talked to Karmanos and he is thrilled.
  2. You don't seem to understand..... You think Karmanos' cares that people can not afford to pay for the lowest tickets in the league? If you think the answer is yes, Karmanos' cares and LOVES fans like you then I guess I am a brick wall. THIS IS A BUSINESS!!!!! Like Caniac97 said.... go support a minor league team if you can give REAL support to the Canes.
  3. the discussion was for people local.
  4. How long do you think Karmanos would keep the team here is all the Cane's fans "supported" the team like you. Sorry to hurt your feelings, but this is a business.
  5. Caniac97 you and a few others on this board are TRUE fans that SUPPORT the Canes.... I agree about the bandwagoner's which is most people on this board.
  6. another great post.... Being a season ticket holder and seeing others buy tickets lower than what I am paying kind of bugs me. We have a great product and people want to "support" their team by staying home or having to wait for some freebie. This is a business !!!! The Cane's need real support.
  7. Totally understand your situation being 3+ hours away..... My comments and the comments I quoted were for the people that live locally that whine and complain and find excuses.
  8. Another great post.... this board has become a place for people to whine. Hockey is a business. The Hurricane's business needs people to support it. Supporting it means buying. You think Karmanos really cares about "support" from people that have nothing but excuses to attend games? Karmanos needs people to buy his product. If you do not live locally, or have to work nights there should be no reason you can not affort $9.99 for a ticket... even $20 for a ticket if you are a fan and support your team. I know this will hurt some peoples feelings by insulting their "fan-dom". The Canes have the 3rd best record in the league, but are 19th in attendance? I know we are competing with college hoops, and all the other reasons why we can not do better in attendance that people will bring up. Where would attendance be if we had a few down years? Again, this is a business. If people's butts are not in the seats, the business suffers (and potentially could move). Bottomline.......... Come on out to the RBC, spend a few bucks, and enjoy the Cane's
  9. I agree, I can not understand why people can not find at least $9.99 for the cheap seats.
  10. I agree with you...Where else do we pay WAY more that the league average at ANY position. If Leighton continues to play the way he did Sunday and in the practices I have gone to, he should be our backup and lets trade Grahame for a future pick or something. Leighton has played in 48 NHL games and with 90% save percentage, and 3.04 GAA.. He even has 3 NHL career shutouts. He was even defensive player of the week a couple of years ago http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/wire?sectio...&id=1696883 I think JR brought him in for a reason and the reason was to first give him a shot at backup and then second to have a goalie that could be called up if Cam gets injured.
  11. for this upcoming season my favorite is Matt Cullen.... Welcome home !!!
  12. the guy at the eye said the new ones would be about 15-20 dollars more than the old ones.
  13. I will change mine also if it would help !!!
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