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  1. Wow! Thank you both for the quick answers and for the phone #. That is a huge help. We'll be coming from Greenville so that is useful information for us. Thank you both again!
  2. ummmm.....what? Haha, haven't been to a game since October....please elaborate.
  3. No no no, that would be too obvious. You have to think conspiracy here....haha!
  4. Or......each team that one of the Staal brothers plays for has had their coach fired. Hmmm.......
  5. Yeah, I have to agree with the above posters in hoping that this may turn into a Samsonov deal like last year.....new team, new performance level for him. We'll see what kind of start he gets off to tonight. Wasn't it about this time last season Brindy got hurt, we brought in Samsonov, Ruutu, etc. Hmmmm......hopefully the difference can be that we'll be in a solid spot for the playoffs and not miss it by 2pts again.
  6. Was at the practice today at RecZone and noticed Cam also has a BRAND NEW Maserati. Still has the 30 day tags on it. Also, I have to say we have some class act players. Everyone that came out took time to sign autographs for my son and all the other folks there. Wallin, Seidenberg and Sutter chatted a little which was cool. Gotta say, Wallin is a beast in person. That dude is H U G E! On the other hand, Pitkanen is very small (build wise) which was surprising. It was our first time going to the practice and attempting to get autographs and we probably got about half the team. Very cool experience. Does anybody know how accessible the players are for autographs when practices are held at RBC?
  7. Exactly. Honestly, who on our team is worthy of a vote other than Ruutu and perhaps Wallin??? I'm not sure anyone IMHO. Gleason, Sutter, and LaRose have played great and will be there one day but not as of right now I do not believe. Just b/c you have a recognizable name on the back of your jersey and collect a big check from the team does not warrant a vote---huhmmm, Staal. Mediocre play should not get rewarded.
  8. In doing this, would it mean that he would still be owed the remaining $$$ in the contract? If so, then why not assign the guy to some *edit* minor league team and force him to stay there.
  9. Just noticed that Avery is no longer listed on the Dallas Stars roster on their website. Interesting......
  10. Seems like this is needed right about now........ Everybody say it together now (turning to look at self in mirror): "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and dog gonnit, people like me" We got a good rest of the season left guys/gals.....let's keep cheering on the Canes and hearing each other's points w/o going nuts on each other. I've been guilty of this earlier this season and learned to keep in mind that this is a game. One we are all obviously passionate about which is great, but keep it in perspective. So.....LET'S GO CANES! LET'S GO CANES!
  11. Well, we'll see what happens. I'll still be saying--LET'S GO CANES! Another chance to rebound tomorrow night. Let's go boys!
  12. Wow....52 members on right now, most I've ever seen. (random thought to pass the time, ) Alright, it's 1130, let's go here.
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