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  1. Great pics! Hopefully I can get mine up this week!
  2. Thanks! It was great to see so many fans there! We had our cameras too and didn't think to get any fans pictures, we were just too excited! I'll have to check out the pics. I'll have to get mine up at some point! We took at ton!
  3. Hold on... were you in the same row as me? The guy I was talking to said he was going to the aquarium today and leaving around lunchtime... Yeah, that's us! I'm actually the girl that was in the Hedican jersey. You probably talked to one of our husbands.
  4. We just got in from Atlanta, it was a great! We filled a whole row! We met a lot of great Canes fans. We were part of "Kiss Cam" group Most of the Thrashers fans were nice, but the guy next to us kept telling his wife he wanted to smack us (girls) and gave us the finger as he was leaving......this man was also drunk as hell. He screamed "Staal you suck!" and stumbled over into his seat. The only smack talk the Atlanta fans could give us was "Boooooooooooo!" and few told us to go back to Carolina. I guess they aren't that good with the smack talk! All in all it was a great time! A good amount of Canes fans, especially in our section behind the goal. Great road trip! The game itself was great. A lot of speed, better passing, less time in the box etc. I thought Staal played a stronger game. We passed the coach on the streets on Atlanta and he said "We are ready, don't worry!" The def showed it last night! Keep it up Canes!
  5. No way. I say rest him if he's really injured and/or get him focused!!! :mrgreen: He's got skills, no question about that, I just think he's in a major funk. He's a major part of this team, but he needs to get his head in the game. If he's injured, it's a different story.
  6. Staal def needs to hustle and he should've gotten to that puck first-no question. 850 the Buzz said last night said he might be nursing a leg injury for awhile and that's why he's not skating fast. I noticed every time he gets hit and falls down, he gets up slow and looks like a wounded puppy. He's also not making any good hits and he's a big guy. If he's hurt, he should get some rest. I hope he gets in the game soon, he's a great player!
  7. Yeah, I could hear that on the tv! It was really loud! I wonder what that was all about.......
  8. I think Whitney is doing an amazing job. I would really love to see Staal get in there and make some magic happen! He's def due! Roddy and the whole team are really stepping up and coming together which is nice to see. :mrgreen:
  9. I like Big Joe's personality, but he's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow and doesn't use his body. Eric is quick and better with the puck. I hope it works out for us, I guess we will have to wait and see what happens. I read the Predators message boards and they are REALLY happy Big Joe is gone. I guess he never really fit in there. I was hoping for a better trade than this. But again, we will have to see, maybe this will be a good thing.......maybe :?:
  10. Hedican is def my favorite, but you guys are def right, they are all great! Everyone brings a little little something to the team!
  11. Sorry I wish I could agree, but I find Tripp annoying, especially when he talks about texting other players, going out to dinner with somebody etc . I have Center Ice and wish for some of the normal announcers who just talk straight hockey and none of the nonsense Tripp talks about. I really enjoy John though, he's very straight forward and to the point.
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