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  1. I just cast my ballot for AllStars and noticed there are no Hurricanes players in the Leaders at this time. I just wanted to encourage everyone to vote! I know we are not happy with the way the team has been playing, but I think it would be very sad to have not one of our players on the team this year. I personally am voting all I can for Whitney.
  2. My husband and I saw Cam Ward at the John Mayer concert Wednesday night in Raleigh. My husband passed him on the way out of the restroom and thought to himself "Hey, I think I know that guy." Then it hit him who it was! He waved me over and said "Quess who I just saw go in the bathroom. Cam Ward." So there we are, standing outside the mens restroom, trying not to look obvious as we wait for him to come out. When he walked out, my husband casually walked up beside and said "Cam Ward checking out John Mayer" Cam just laughed and said "What's up man" I think he was a little worried we might call attention to him. I wonder if he's a Mayer fan, of if his wife made him go! LOL
  3. Cam got mentioned in an article on MSN about Celebs with Leap Year B-days. Here's the link: Our Cam, a celebrity.
  4. Get well soon Whitney! You'll be missed.
  5. Yeah, but he didn't lay all out on the ice, slam his stick, break his stick...and then slam around the water bottle on top the net. The dude put on a pretty good show.
  6. We saw Walker's crash into the net. I was like, OMG if I had done that I would have been so embarrassed! Speaking of embarrassing, to me the funniest thing was the Caps goalie's bad attittude. After one of the last goals we scored, he layed out out on the ice a loooong time. That "You Suck" chant that rang out like five times really got to him I think. He just wanted to melt right into the ice. I don't think we would ever see Cam Ward act like that and for that I am glad.
  7. I like the one we have. I hate the ones that sound like sirens.
  8. I didn't notice, because we were all too busy screaming after each goal! LOL
  9. So are you thinking buying tickets game day Sat would be a bad idea?
  10. My signed Ray Whitney Canes t-shirt. It will NEVER get washed!! And my Hurricanes front license plate - you don't see them often where we live.
  11. We always go down and watch the warm-ups before games and have never had any trouble. Most of the people in those seats seem to wait until the game starts to get in their seats. I don't know if it's b/c they know there will be a crowd down there or the warm-up isn't that big a deal when you get to see the whole game at ice level. I love watching the warm-up, because when you sit up in the nose bleeds, you take all the close up action you can get!!
  12. I went to that site and it had the game scehduled for Sunday. Can you only watch games the day after on that site?
  13. I love Ron Burgandy. But seriously, we have never had a bad experience at the RBC. The staff are very nice. I was really impressed with them during Skate With the Canes.
  14. So that means he probally won't be there tomorrow.....now I'm REALLY mad! :angry:
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