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  1. Staal was boarded and fell very awkardly into the boards. He was very slow to get up, then skated off the ice. He's actually back in the game now, Im trying to keep an eye on him to see if he's hurt.
  2. AHH! Glanced over at the TV and saw staal was the player collapsed on the ice. He skated off and is sitting on the bench but I dont think he's had another shift yet.
  3. haha I just saw him nudging into a swiss player at the end of a play but that's about it so far.
  4. Shanahan desperately wanted out of this team when he was a rookie for the Whalers. I'm sure that disrespect with the organization gives him a little chance of getting any call from us. This being said, I think Shanahan is a great player and would be a great addition. It's just not going to happen.
  5. I'm not sure how the rest of you feel about this trade but im so excited! EVERYTIME we play boston I would just think to myself (we kept kaberle over this guy?) Whether you'd like to believe it or not... every time we play against ward... he is constantly making himself known and affecting the play on the ice.. Im so happy we are getting him back. For those who don't understand the simplicity of hockey... The Ward & Walker history is old news and they are two men that move forward. These things dont linger in hockey.
  6. Ruutu really picked up his production last season along with his energetic/physical play. He is a really good character player for this team and makes everyone better, that being said...This is a lot of money and with production from the regular season not carrying over much into the playoffs... hopefully he'll continue to develop and earn his money.
  7. he may have to carry scott walkers stick for awhile
  8. Watching the penguins meltdown on the biggest stage and show the whole nhl that they're a bunch of classless goons when they're losing... priceless. GO WINGS GO!
  9. one person I've been really impressed with is andrew ladd. but ruutu & samsonov > ladd haha
  10. I wonder if it met 'camneely's expectations hahah LETS GO CANES! Sammy is just getting started!
  11. I don't agree with this article. They should have interviewed WHITNEY. He lead our team in points and assists through the regular season, he tried to fire up our team to make it to the postseason... and now that we are here... i haven't seen him at all. I don't into the whole "Oh well, what can we do? Marty is God." We have found many ways in the past to solve the MB problem, I just can't understand why this team cant get rolling on all cylinders like it did towards the end of the regular season.
  12. During the 2005-2006 playoff campaign I had many ridiculous superstitions... the closest to OCD I've ever come to. 1) Have my 2002 Stanley Cup Final towel on me. 2) Mute the TV every time we went on the powerplay. 3) If we were winning, I would not change anything in the room (light being on, fan on, etc.) 4) During the pregame I wouldn't watch any footage of the opposing team (past highlights, interviews. etc.) ... this also had to do with the incredible bias against the 'canes during the NJ and Buffalo series
  13. that's awesome! I drive from college in Cullowhee, NC (about 45 minutes west of Asheville) and I try to make a couple games a year when I'm back in Raleigh. Last year I made 10 trips, but the gas money is lacking now haha. It's so cool that there's other diehards up here in the mountains.
  14. I think that we are playing a better defensive game now than we did in 05-06. BUT we're not yet close to our lethal powerplay and penalty kill of 05-06. Back then we could cycle the puck in the offensive zone all game long, we're just not quite there right now.
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