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  1. Round 2 goes to Leighton. His team in the red/white was up 2-1 over Grahame before they switched goalies.
  2. If we can have a Leighton for .5M instead of a Grahame for 1.4 M, we should trade if we can get some value. Maybe we should hold on to both for now, and wait for a starting goalie to go down and then make a deal. Paying that much for a backup goalie, a decent backup goalie, but still just a backup goalie is a luxury we can not afford. Grahame is a UFA after this year. He won't get 1.4M next year unless it is from another team. JR should trade him when we he can get max value.
  3. I agree.... Most of the existing team will and should be here next year. We will lose a couple of players to free agencey, and pickup a few. We need to sign Ray and Walker. Some of the people posting just want to clean house. The problem is once you clean house, who takes their place??? Let's face it, we were a team that did not make the playoffs. Who is going to trade a quality player or a pick for some of the guys people are mentioning we should get rid of. You make a good point about Tanabe. Name a free agent DMan that we can get for under 1M that is decent? Tanabe was decent and he we less than $1M, so if we can sign him for about that, we should.
  4. I am sure that they will make the Caniac Nation Proud.
  5. I agree! Mines Ward but to me I also like Seidenberg! I love Cam!!! He is my man !! But even though Seidenberg has only been here a short time, I really like him also.
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