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  1. wooooooooohooooooooooooooo! =] boy oh boy did we miss him or what?
  2. Breath....sorry you're feeling attacked here, I assure you it's not the intention. You're definitely entitled to your opinion but don't expect people to not add their opinions too, especially if it's different than yours. Its not really about being right or wrong, its about agreeing and disagreeing with each other's opinions. Not to mention, if we were all right with our opinions, we'd probably be working for the Canes rather than discussing them on a message board . As for TV coverage, you're not just getting to see the player with the puck. There are many camera angles set up around the arena and if you've watched/listened to Tripp, after every penalty, he searches all the camera angles provided to find the infraction to either give it validity or question it. He may be kind of goofy sometimes but he's very good at picking apart plays and penalties. i wanted everyones opinions. i just didnt want to feel so attacked. i know there are more people that agree with me. but apparently a lot of you dont. and that is fine. just dont put words in my mouth. and say that im saying this when that is not what i am saying at all.
  3. example 1: the bruins were holding several of our teammates sticks throughout the game. the ref only called a few holding calls. now i know he cannot call them ALL, however, it occurned more than a dozen times. example 2: a few games ago Brind'Amour got slashed by a hockeystick across the knee and did the opposing teammate get a penalty? no! there are more, but right now ive got other things to do and when i get a chance, ill be sure to give you more examples. when you're watching the game on tv, the tv is only zoomed in on the player with the puck, NOT what is going on behind or infront of that. so what if you have a DVR, not everyone in the world is lucky enough to have one, and there again, IT DOESNT FOCUS IN ON THE CRAP GOING ON AROUND THE PLAYER WITH THE PUCK! and again, I AM NOT BLAMING IT ALL ON THE REFS! It was a mere opinion. O-P-I-N-I-O-N. not a fact. I wasnt saying I was right, Im not saying Im right, and I dont care if Im right or wrong. IT IS JUST AN OPINION!
  4. From someone who was there Saturday night, you couldn't be more wrong. No offense, and though I understand it's easy to get caught up in the "refs have it out for us" rants when the team struggles it just wasn't the case against Boston. If you want to zero in on the Staal tripping penalty in OT, that's fine but the Canes should have taken care of business during regulation. When the other team has 14 separate penalties called on them and you say the refs were "so oblivious to half of the things our opponents do to us" I have to wonder what you were watching in all honesty. Questionable calls and non-calls went both ways all night long. To conclude the refs are trying to hand the game to the other team is just plain silly and that's from a Canes fan. Well gee, then I guess myself and the rest of my family and friends as well as strangers around me at the game saturday are blind. ill have to disappoint them next time i see them.
  5. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. too bad the tarheels lost!
  6. How many of you actually go to the canes games? Or RECENT Canes games, where no, the team hasnt been playing the greatest, but even the games they win, the refs still try to hand it to the opposing team. You can see practically everything that is going on when you're actually in that stadium watching the game. Where as when you're sitting in the comfort of your home, infront of the TV, munching popcorn and sipping a beer, you cant see all the things the opposing teams do to us. Im not trying to win this argument, honestly, I could care less. It was just a topic starter, and I wanted to get everyone's opinions, and give everyone mine. =]
  7. would you mind sending me the link too? thanks!
  8. Im not saying that it was entirely the refs fault. and no the canes havent been playing their best. but the refs do screw up a lot of things, and not very many of you cant agree with that.
  9. im glad i didnt go to that game tonight. *hangs head in hands*
  10. guess it didnt really make a difference that they were back on the ice tonight, eh?
  11. Could someone make me a Chad and Frankie signature?! It would be greatly appreciated.
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