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  1. The old Patrick Division is rolling over in its grave. But, Uncle Gary is smiling.
  2. The Capitals will win if Federov keeps all the kids calm and cool. That was the trade deadline pickup of the year, in my opinion.
  3. Yeah, I was just being sarcastic. Buttman isnt that smart anyway.
  4. Part of Buttman's pre-season plans no doubt......................
  5. Even though this is the lame "ever intense" SE Division, it is still a division rival. Expect Florida to show up.
  6. After Brind a mour went down, there was noone around that thought the Canes could survive, let alone still have a shot on the next to last day of the season. Despite the last two losses, the team showed alot of resiliency and heart to stay in it this long. And, it still is not over.
  7. The refs could have called nothing all game, and been correct more often than they were with what they called. Both ways. Sometimes I wish there could be zero refs on the ice.
  8. The ice at VC has been a joke for some time now. A few weeks back I got on XM and asked Uncle Betty if there was anything the league could do about it. He said they have a facilities guy that checks on these things. Apparently he hasnt made it to DC yet. I also asked Buttman if the shootout was ever going away. Sadly, it is not.
  9. I am hoping for a line brawl after the opening drop of the puck. (Uncle Gary has not caught me and sent me to re-education camp yet.... )
  10. Probably planned ahead of time by Betty and the boys in the league office.
  11. Dear Mr. Ritz: This type of talk is no longer permitted in the new BHL. Please report for assignment to a re-education camp. Sincerely, Uncle Gar
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