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  1. I think the casual hockey fan does expect it because we seem to do it all the time. I was really thinking we could after the jersey series but after last night no way I did not know we were that far behind the Bruins. Im just hoping we can make it to a game 6
  2. I noticed that too which is why i was disappointed we didn't crash the net. Thomas is always way out of position on his saves which is why they always look more spectacular then they should. But i think if we start putting players in front of the net then we will win this series. The fact that we were getting a lot of opportunities on net was great we just need to clean up the turnovers and play smart with out turnovers boston is still a good team but not unbeatable.
  3. yea i agree i have a terrible feeling about this series. The devils were coasting the last part of the season and they will turn it up level now in the playoffs since they have something to play for. Hopefully the canes will be able to match their intensity and survive the first period. If we get through the first period tied or with the lead i say we have a great chance of winning the game. Lose tonight and i think we will lose the series in 7 games with both teams winning out on home ice.
  4. I was their at noon but the line was not very impressive. They had more people in line for the day of the detroit game then this morning. My guess is most people ordered online because of work
  5. GO CANES! can't be at the RBC but will be watching and pulling hard for the boys.
  6. I would love nothing more than to see the caps lose tonight. LETS GO BOLTS!!
  7. the boys will be hungry tomorrow! our backs our against the wall! WE CAN AND WILL WIN!!!!!!!
  8. who wants to bet that Matt Cullen is in the lineup tomorrow? It is painfully obvious that we need him in the line up.
  9. go back to your own board and celebrate. If you had just lost this game your board would sound the exact same. SO just go back to the caps forum and speculate about the next two games and keep praying you make the palyoffs, because even with this win we still hold the tiebreaker.
  10. yep i dont understand what is happening to this team. they look lost.
  11. GO CANES!! Let's end this thing tonight. They should be playing with just as much desparation as the caps are since if we lose we could be in trouble.
  12. thats because our fans actually go to the games instead of sitting online and talking about it.
  13. GO CANES!!!!!!! lets end this thing tonight so we wont have to watch the scoreboard anymore
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