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  1. Yo! Long time since i've been here. I love Ortiz when he said "the 2 best teams are playing eachother right now" Yeah, Sox 3 GB and the Yanks 9 GB. Bite me Papi! I hope that the Rays win the division and the Tigers get the wild card to knock both the sox and yanks out.
  2. I don't know why we traded him. Last season we had to decide whether to keep Richards or Boyle, now we got rid of both. Our defence looks pretty bad on paper. I sure hope more moves are coming for Tampa's sake.
  3. Yeah, its still super early. The entire division is still close. i love Longoria because he signed for so cheap for like 8 years and he's going to be really good! Last year, Pena carried the rays a lot with his 46 HR; he's in a bad slump now, but the rest of the team is batting well so it's not a big deal too much.
  4. Haha, yeah, its all fun and games until someone gets a tooth knocked out, then it's hockey. Well the good thing is you only have to play him 6 times instead of the 8 games how it use to be
  5. HAHAHA! Good responce! HAHA! yeah, i went to the game on Saturday when Buchholz had the 1 hitter in the 8th. I went with my friend and she's a red sox fan. she was raggin me all night and when Aki hit the HR, she was so sad haha! Thanks TSA =)
  6. a 2 hitter is way more impressive than 13 K's It's so awesome seeing all these BoSox fans in Tampa leave the game pissed off By the way, a "Ray" can be anything you want; Sting ray, devil ray, sun ray, ray charles... okay, maybe not the last one
  7. Wow, thats riduculas. Canes had 9 freakin power plays yesterday. Time to get off the refs for causing the Canes to miss the playoffs. They missed because they had too many injuries and they don't have a backup goalie who can win when the Canes need to rest Cam.
  8. Oh I got you now warbird haha. Thats one of the reason's i'm glad to see the Rays season start now
  9. lol, why should you be scared for the Sens? If they want to make the playoffs they'll win the next 2 games, nothing you can relly be scared about!
  10. I guess this thread backfired! I had a feeling this was a bad idea!
  11. Yes, they will. They can't be horrible forever!
  12. Good luck against Tampa on Saturday! I hope you guys beat us because i'm hoping Tampa gets the #1 pick in the draft lol
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