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  1. Just got back from this game. I went to last night's game as well - my first 2 games of the season . The guys looked MUCH better tonight - a completely different effort from last night. One other thing I noticed was that the crowd was missing completely from last night's game. There were a lot of empty seats, and very little enthusiasm. I don't think I heard the you s**k chant at all last night. Tonight, however, was a completely different story. The fans were there and making themselves known. The place was loud, and the fans cheered their hearts out. I can't wait for my next one.
  2. For those listening to Chuck, that word was pulchritudinous: physically beautiful
  3. You really have become a huge part of this team in the short time you've been here. My boys and I love to see you go after guys bigger than you and come out on top - always at the right time and for the right reasons. Can't wait to see you back out there doing what you do. Here's to a speedy and full recovery! ~scykle, et al.
  4. Thanks for the info, guys. I knew that if I could find an answer anywhere, it would be here. I hadn't thought of e-baying the old jersey - that may worth considering. It looks like it'll cost between $50 and $80 to get the new name and numbers added. Exclusive Pro Sports will strip the old name and numbers off for $40 (including a cleaning fee). Hmmm - I may need to think about this a bit... Thanks
  5. 1. Cole - for the same reasons stated above 2. Ward - ditto 3. Cullen - wants to make a statement that he deserves to be back
  6. Nah, I figured I'd let him eat a nice dinner with his family in peace. The owner (or manager) seemed to be fawning over them and I didn't want to bring any more attention on them. I have heard that he is a really nice guy and probably would have chatted with me. The time and place just didn't seem appropriate.
  7. Flipping through the channels one night folding laundry (stop laughing) and saw a hockey game on. I said to myself hey, I like hockey, so I watched it. I believe it was Cam's first time in net, or it was his birthday, or both. He was unbelievable! He was stopping things he had no business stopping. I said to myself hey, these guys are pretty darn good, and watched a few more games. I was hooked! Their passion, speed, skill, etc. was enough to win me over. I watched every televised game after that (thanks, TiVo), and attended 2 or 3. I even converted several of my friends and neighbors into hockey fans, a few of whom bought partial season tickets. That first game I watched was in November (I think) of 2005, and of course we won the cup that season. My co-workers always laugh at me because I have no real interest in other sports - baseball is too boring, football is too much hurry-up-and-wait, and I have never gotten into basketball (I'm from Miami, Fla). Finally, I have a sport, and a team, I can enjoy and be passionate about. Go Canes!
  8. I ate dinner with the Whitney family at Fujisan a few months ago. Well, we were both eating dinner at roughly the same time, in the same restaurant, but he was a few tables away
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