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  1. my stupid butt bought walker's jersey because i liek him alot
  2. he wants to come back, JR offered him 4 million for 2 years his agent is saying he can get at least 3-3.5 million for one year. Reliable information, lets just say I know the son of someone that matters. Pretty frustrating though that it is becoming a real threat that we could lose him come july 1st.
  3. I was just wondering if you could come in with no shirt and body paint, nothing inappropriate guys =) Just looking to go big without getting in trouble and enjoying the game.
  4. carter is extremely dissapointing... =/ oh well. i really think letowski can give it his all and he would be a great replacement for big jo on the fourth line so jo can get a bit of a promotion since he played so great yesterday. its exciting when line chemistry works.
  5. brodeur is not controlling his rebounds at all, so seems the whole traffic thing that tripp seems to "know will solve brodeur" is working wonders.
  6. i found the game to be incredibly even. and incredibly disheartening. way to go tim gleason though, him and wallin are really proving themselves lately and suddenly the trade to get gleason isnt such a only JR gets it kind of deal.
  7. dear fans of the rbc center, the you suck chant that is always so much fun to do doesn't work tonight. martin brodeur doesnt suck =) go canes!
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