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  1. "Say goodbye to my little friend" I'll miss the similar refrain over the PA whenever Ray would score a goal. At least he won't be playing in the East and scoring on us everytime he plays us, like most guys we let go do. Bye Ray. You've been my man crush in recent years and you'll be missed.
  2. I'd like to see their T-Shirts that they sell for fundraising. "My son is a Hershey Squirt" "We Love the Hershey Squirts!" "I Play with the Hershey Squirts." "Hockey Mom. Up at 5AM with the Hershey Squirts." Ok. I'm done.
  3. Actually, I do mean the Canes. While there are obvious differences, these are similarities. - Heart. I truly believe that Brindy willed this team to the Cup on '06. Were they the most talented team in the playoffs? I don't really think so, but talent will only take you so far. I'm seeing the same drive and heart from the Canadiens. Both have talented players, but their "we can beat anyone" attitude is helping them tremendously. I'm not saying the Canes weren't a good team or the Canadiens are only winning with emotion/ It's just a big factor for both teams. - Shut-down defense. The Canes of '06 and the Canadiens swarm(ed) the puck handler. Blocked shots (a la Aaron Ward), sticks in the lane, etc. They shutdown the opposing forwards and prevent quality shots. The Cup Canes smothered the other team. Montreal has shutdown the best in the league. - Goalie. Halak and Ward. No team is going to win the Cup without outstanding goaltending, but if the Canadiens are able to go all the way, it will be because Halak wins the Conn Smythe, just as Cam did. That's all I'm saying.
  4. Buffalo - check Washington - check Detroit - check Pittsburgh - check All the teams I didn't want to see hoist the Cup. Who to pull for now? Not sure. I'm anything but a Canadiens fan, but if nothing else they got heart. Who else deserves it more right now? Ironically, they kinda remind me of a certain team in '06.
  5. I've been thinking about this. Ruutu's optimism is contagious. I, too, believe tonight is the night. Manny has a shutout. In fact he goes on to have 64 of them the rest of the season, except the one unfortunate game where he lets in 25 goals. Much like they caught on before the playoffs last season, they catch fire now. They finish the season at 67-12-13, without a loss. This, of course, leads them to a Southeast divisional title and a stunning run in the playoffs. They shock the hockey world, after a dismal 2-12-13 start, and win the Stanley Cup. Wait, that isn't mint in my mouth. It's some other green leaf that looks like mint. I need a Twinkie.
  6. Personally, I can't come up with anything positive. Ok, well my mouth is minty fresh at the moment, but that's probably not in the true spirit of this thread. So, I'll let Ruutu do it for me. From Chip's N&O Fri.blog, referring to Ruutu: "Tonight is the night. I've really got to believe it," he said, sittingin his locker after the morning skate. "Yeah, it's tonight. I feel it." After his 2 goal game Wed., I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Yes. Minty.
  7. That's awesome. I may have to buy him a beer Saturday.
  8. I'd like to add a shout out to whoever decides that Wolfpack fans have more of a need to, uh, return the beer they borrowed than the Caniacs do. Why are virtually all bathroom "facilities" taken away after football season? Don't we pay the same amount to park? For those of you "Outsiders", that's exactly where the beer will returned to it's rightful owner. Apparently one of the patches of woods in the parking lot has an old grave there. Someone told me he shared a beer with the resident of said grave. No word if it was appreciated.
  9. Well, all the "experts" at ESPN are picking the Pens. Even Barry Melrose is jumping ship. Of course, every time I heard him talk about the Hurricanes in the last round it made me cringe. He talked about the Canes being "huge". Yeah, Rosie's a monster. He also talked about how he liked our special teams. I'll give him the PK, but has he even seen our powerplay? That's ok, flying under the radar is not a bad thing.
  10. THat's easy - 1) BUFF-A-LO - They only come out at night 2) Panthers - Incessant diving accusations 3) Crapitals - Obnoxious busload that seems to be here for every game 4) Penguins - Because half of Pittsburgh lives here, so it's like an in-town rivalry 5) Red Wings - See '02 Finals. Revenge is at hand. 6) Leafs - Because everyone hates the Leafs 7) Les Habs - Because everyone hates the Habs 8) Rangers - I hate the little song they sing when they score 9) Bruins - I used to be a fans of the B's, still have a jersey hanging in my closet. Cheap shots after the whistle by Chara changed all that. 10) Tampa Bay - I'm just jealous that they're closer to the beach 11) Atlanta - I hate their traffic. Why would anyone put two major north/south arteries together and run them through downtown? 12) Islanders - Billy Joel 13) Flyers - Are cheesesteaks really that original? 14) Devils - I think it's really they don't like us being in their heads. Too crowded 15) Ottawa - people shouldn't watch hockey in suits 16) Calgary - I don't know where it is 17) Colorado - Won too many Cups in the 90's 18) Sharks - Still can't swim in the ocean after seeing Jaws. 19) Ducks - No hockey teams should be named after a lovable tetrapod 20) Stars - Only good thing about this place are the Dallas Cheerleaders 21) Blue Jackets - were all the good names taken? 22) Chicago - It's too damn windy. Froze my butt off one visit. 23) Nashville - what's hockey doing in the south? Oh, wait... 24) Vancouver - Pretty place, but just too far away. 25) Wild - Don't even know what that means. 26) Kings - How many monarchies are there in LA? 27) Coyotes - Because Wayne's their coach 28) St Louis - I had the blues once, I didn't like it Oh, and I like Edmonton. Classiest fans I've ever met. See '06 Finals.
  11. Bait? Hook? Is that a Goober fishing reference? Anyway, fair enough. In the words of the patron saint of southern Gobberdom, Forrest Gump, that's all I have to say about that. So, how about them ticket sales?
  12. This is getting off-topic, so I apologize in advance, but this is one my big pet peeves, if it wasn't obvious. To me, sports are about community. It's way for a group of people, who live together, to share common tough times, goals, pride and accomplishments. It has little, if anything, to do with the franchise itself. Remember, a franchise is a legal entity - nothing more. The legal entity doesn't care any more for you than you should about it. I like Pizza Hut, but I feel no reason to worship it. It's about the players, you say. Ok, well they come and go. Ask Aaron Ward about his allegiance to the Hurricanes, even though he's been through some jubilant times with them. How do we now feel about Ward? Probably not the same as we did 3 years ago. So, you're left with a legal entity, that does what legal entities do. You have players who get traded and move on their own accord and develop their own ties. What are you left with? Community. When I see people, who I know live around me, come into "my" building - my community's building - and act like they're not part of that community (or even worse disrespect it), it bothers me. I don't care how long you loved the [fill in old home town] [fill in childhood team] or how Dad used to take you to the games when you were a kid and you can still remember the day when [fill in dead or retired former childhood idle] signed your program. Good times, but they've passed and they have no current relevance. I have a strong sense of pride in where I live and, right now and the Hurricanes symbolize that. That's all they are, really, a symbol. Don't get me wrong, I love this team. I respect the players. I love going to games. For me, though, it's about the warm feeling I get inside when I see 18,000+ people cheering for a common goal and giving each other high fives when good things happen. It's about feeling good about where you live. And right now, I live in beautiful North Carolina and I'm very proud of that and proud to be part of the Hurricane community. I wish others, who share our roads, schools, jobs and churches all had the same common sense of community, now that they're part of it. It's Sunday. I will now get down from the pulpit.
  13. Call it what you wish. One shouldn't live with one's girl/boy friend and enjoy that fruits of that relationship only to slip off and "visit" the old girl/boy friend when he/she comes to town. That is the PG version of what I"m really thinking.
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