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  1. To add on, it also lets you see these young men often before they get spoiled by the dollar signs. This is where I have had a chance to get candid photos prospects like Brandon Sutter, Boychuk, McBain, Borer, Chaput, Dalpe, Peters, Skinner, Kivisto, Dumoulin, Rodney, Murphy, and many others. You get to see them acting like kids with other kids, despite it being their job. While these names might not all be familiar, or spelled correctly, they are the building blocks from which our team has been constructed in the past and moving to the future. It is amazing how many people come just to get a hockey fix. It also made me feel better when I heard they traded Paradis before last season as I was not happy with what I saw compared the other prospects who drafted below him. (More evidence is that Paradis was traded again). In short, if you need a fix and want to see what is coming down the pipe in few years....unless your name is Jeff Skinner.
  2. Draftees and other prospects to take part in conditioning and on-ice workouts Tuesday, 06.28.2011 / 4:00 PM / News By Ken Preston RALEIGH, NC – Ron Francis, Director of Hockey Operations for the National Hockey League’s Carolina Hurricanes, today announced that the team will hold its annual conditioning camp in Raleigh, July 10-13. Hurricanes Head Athletic Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Coach Peter Friesen will run the camp for 11 prospects, teaching the players proper conditioning techniques to help them prepare for careers in professional hockey. A full roster of the players attending the camp can be found here. In addition to physical training techniques and testing, the players at the camp will have seminars covering other areas including motivational techniques, media training and proper eating habits, including a trip to the grocery store with a nutritionist. On-ice sessions will be led by Francis, Assistant Coach Tom Barrasso, Assistant Coach/Development Coach Rod Brind’Amour and Director of Defensemen Development Glen Wesley, and will take place each day at The Polar Ice House in Wake Forest at 4:30 p.m., except Sunday, July 10, which will begin at 5 p.m. Media interested in covering the on-ice portions of conditioning camp should contact Mike Sundheim or Kyle Hanlin. The Polar Ice House is located within The Factory at 1839-200 S. Main St. in Wake Forest.
  3. Players there today were Brindy, Rosey, Cole (didn't skate), Whitney, Aaron Ward, Sean Hill, Corvo, Samsonov, Conboy, Walker, Wallin, and my hero Jorge was in goal as Cam nor Leights were present.
  4. I suppose I should not be so disappointed, but I am really not happy there be no red/white scrimmage. Lets face it, you likely will not see people destined for the Everblades get as much ice time in the other scrimmages as they do in that game. I know the younger kids have their own tournament this year, and that may be the reason for no red/white game, but that does not mean it will not be missed. I hope it returns in the future.
  5. You should get a letter in the mail that includes the form for additional tickets for opening night. Be aware there is no guarantee that the seats you get will be in your immediate vicinity, but I think they try to match as best as possible. If anyone else has more specific information, feel free to chime in.
  6. I'm thinking they are waiting to post it on the main site until its closer. I'm sure they are more focused on getting our free agents and RFA's taken care of. I certainly hope they accomplish that task.
  7. These are from the Thrasher website http://thrashers.nhl.com/team/app/?service...rticleid=433536[/post] http://predators.nhl.com/team/app/?service...rticleid=436438 Date Fri, Sept. 18 Nash @ Carolina Hurricanes RBC Center 7 pm (Note: Nash says 6, but that is local time) Monday Sept. 21 Atl vs. Carolina Hurricanes Philips Arena 7 p.m. Friday Sept. 25 Atl @ Carolina Hurricanes Raleigh, NC 7 p.m. Sat, Sept. 26 Nash vs. CAROLINA HURRICANES Sommet Center 7 pm Makes you wonder why other teams have released their schedule yet the Canes have not? Waiting for the fan fest is my idea.
  8. So many teams are opening up their arena for a draft party, but not the Canes. Would there not be enough interest? I know I would be there in a heartbeat. They just need to model what the Blue Jackets are doing....bring in some players, sell some refreshments..and let us see that new Jumbotron!
  9. It always has been in the past. The kids can't believe we pack the place just to see people we have never heard of work out. Kind of cool. Unspoiled at that point, for the most part.
  10. I called the Eye and she called a person of "higher authority" at the RBC center who said it could not be done. I have read elsewhere on the internet of people maybe taking their's to a place that does uniforms and the like. Does anyone know of a place that does hockey uniforms? I don't know if the RecZone or any of the Ice Houses are equipped for such a request, so I am really relying on the knowledge of others. Any suggestions would rock.
  11. Anyone mention John Grahame? His infamous brother, Graham Cracker <see photo>
  12. Not sure you've heard of this person, but his name is Jared Boll. He is a native of Charlotte and still lives there in the off season. He plays for the Blue Jackets. Boll I think is 2nd in the league in penalty minutes...or at least was.
  13. why would it be blacked out? It is not being broadcast locally.
  14. Ron was on the bench and the powerplay looked like *edit* the 1st 2 periods. 3rd period looked better, but no results.
  15. I am interested in the Blue Jackets tickets if the current sale does not close.
  16. Come August and you are Jonesin' for a hockey fix, you'll take what you can get. Free is good too. It doesn't hurt to have free a/c to boot
  17. Its New Coke or no Coke in my eyes.
  18. While I moved down here the year of the cup from Cleveland, I couldn't afford to go to a regular season game, let alone a playoff game. Now I can and I am full STH and I would love to experience it. I'll be the first to tell you that as a teacher, I can't afford more than a game or two per round (maybe none of the finals), but I do love walking out of the RBC center and having it not be so cold you can see your breath. I also know that making the playoffs is important for the future of this team in this area. If, however, we are just there to fill a spot in the playoff picture to be the punching bag of the Bruins for 4 games and then go home, I would rather build toward a stronger team that will not only make the playoffs, but win some games. The cup was a glorious achievement. It comes along so rarely. I want a legitimate shot at making it out of round 1. I don't see us doing that this year unless we turn things around like last year and bring in some guys that give 100% every shift they play. Many of those players are in the minors, with us or with another team's AHL team, or benched indefinitely. Current coach's system might not allow those players the same success they had last year. That being said, no one that I know of will argue that watching this team up through the last game (FL CHOKE :angry: ) was not exciting. I just want a commitment from the organization of what they want to do and then hold management responsible for what they did or did not do to achieve that goal.
  19. Rec Zone is great. You are really close to the players and its also small enough that you can hear and understand the coach, which the expansive RBC Center does not permit. The other posts are right. You are pretty much assured to go home with 1 or 2 autographs at the very least. Some players are more difficult, but most are pretty friendly. My wife and I really enjoy prospect camp. These kids can't believe that someone would want the signature of someone half their age. Boychuk and Sutter were awesome together and great fun. Borer was awesome the year before. You get to see some of the kids before they even play their first pro game at any level. Pretty cool. Not spoiled bonus babies yet. Not too good to be "bothered" by fans. Most can't believe that an almost full house at the Rec Zone comes out in July/August to watch a hockey practice of people that we really haven't heard much about. Usually you will get one or two Canes there for one reason or another. In 07 it was Cole and Cam Ward. In 08 it was Leighton. These are guys there working on something and it gives them others to work with. It also lets you see the difference between a prospect and an experienced NHLer. Cole embarrassed even the fastest of the kids and it looked like he was only going half speed. Showed the kids they had something to work toward. Sutter, with another year of seasoning at juniors, showed similar advantages over the other prospects. Rec Zone is the best.
  20. Good luck. You have two choices at best. 1. Wait until the last game and hope he walks the line this year. 2. Get him at the Rec Zone. People say he is more elusive than Whitney or Staal. Of course, I also respect a person's desire to be left alone to do their job and come home. It would get old if I had to sign my name a bunch of times before I could get in my car. Oh wait, I do that at school everyday for students with bus passes.
  21. Just an update. I visited the Harris Teeter on Creedmoor Rd and found all of the cans. It was a challenge, but there is a hint. You can be sure you got them by cracking open the handle part. Now, finding which ones to crack open is the challenge or you can be there a while as you sort through the old stock. Looks for dates on the boxes of May or beyond and you should have success. I noted that finding pepsi max with Pitkanen was the challenge as they did not have many packs out and it apparently is not the most popular so I had to check 6 or 7 boxes before I hit paydirt. Happy Hunting All.
  22. I agree with the other posts. Rod needs to be a 3rd or 4th liner or retire. I don't see use putting up the green it would take to bring Cole back. Stillman, as noted, is tied up as well. Who is the other distraction? Who can be gotten? I don't have that answer nor do I claim to have an in depth knowledge of the game/league. What I do know is good hockey when I see it, and I haven't seen it often this year. If Staal isn't living up to his job, then sit him. It worked for Rosey. Mo shouldn't let the dollars Staal is getting keep him from benching a pretty boy. Since we already got rid of the coach, who was having about as much luck with this team as the current coach (ending there, pros/cons for both opinions), you have to send a message to the players that they are not untouchable. In the cap era, you can't just start unloading your major players to send a message, so that leaves the bench. It kills these guys not to play. Its even better when they have to watch and take notes during the game and give their opinions during intermission. Having grown up in Cleveland, I'm used to teams that are not up to par. I have also seen a youth movement produce an almost dynastic line of success in Cleveland for the Indians of the mid/late 90s and the Cavs a few years later. Rebuilding sucks and it is depressing, but that is what is happening here, but they won't admit it to themselves. That just makes it all the more painful. Seidenberg has been a very pleasant surprise, save for a few bad passes. Pitkanen the same. Gleason is solid, though cursed as a target. Corvo is solid. Wallin and Babchuk or Kaberle have been unreliable, though Babs has shown some glimpses of his potential (again). Defense could use some toughness, as you can't have Tim be your enforcer and your #1 or 2 defenseman. Brookbank? Coach doesn't see him as an answer to anything other than a body to put in when a River Rat can't get here. Future? Brookbank won't be back, and good for him. He should be where he can play, even if its in the AHL. Conboy has a 1 way contract next year. Trade him or keep him, I don't see him beyond a 3rd line defense pairing. Offensive hopes? Lets hope Sutter continues to mature, Boychuk comes in with some size, and we get something via trade or draft. Its dark now. I'm not sure if we're near the dawn yet.
  23. Switch to Direct TV and you WILL get the games. I don't have an HDTV, so I am not sure of their offerings in that arena. If you are new to Dish network or outside your initial contract, you can threaten to cancel and go to direct or to cable and see what they are willing to do for you. In this economy, I would think they would want to keep people happy.
  24. Without the deepest hockey knowledge behind me, I agree with the folks that mentioned his successful past with an experienced defense. The past few years, our defense has become younger and they were unable to read/adapt to when the forwards were going to let a puck get away, which lead to more breakaways. That I am sure retarded Cam's growth a bit, but the kid is a fighter. Lavi was a great family guy, as even the Rug Rats that came up last year fit in well. It was also known that other people did not have his back in that locker room. Many of them were calling for him to leave even before last year, though nothing was made public, just internal grumblings. Peter is a transitional leader. These are people that come in, address set issues, usually with success, and then should leave. Transitional leaders who stick around too long, run the risk that Lavi did. Transitionals are typically replaced, whether they leave on positive or negative notes, with facilitative leaders. Though I was not here for Mo, take 1, I certainly think he falls into the this latter role. Bottom line: Peter was great for his purpose. When that purpose was served, the team sputtered afterward and it was time to move on. I wish him the best and I am sure many teams can use his services and will (and should) pay handsomely for it. I just hope his family can adapt to wherever city brings him in.
  25. We've noticed a good number of times that they change things/set them up for good the day of the game, which sucks for planning the DVR. I found that (in my last search in this situation) that you can't really see it on the online guide on the website when you are signed in looking at your listing. I was trying to set the DVR while away from home and found the guide would not go more than 1.5 hours ahead of the current time.
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