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  1. well I found out from my rep yesterday that they have no definitive plans for STH decals at this time, but he was still hoping they might create some and he appreciated my input on the matter. So looks like no decals at least for right now. Maybe if they do the STH gift catalog like they have been doing every year, they will have decals in there. Too bad if they do we will have to use our points to get some of those instead of other stuff (although they always have the same stuff every year).
  2. I talked with PJ Avetta yesterday and he said tailgating was absolutely fine. I did not think to ask about the time. We won't be there too long, I anticipate the 5 kids getting crankey at some point.
  3. say hi if you see me! black hair, black top w/ off white dress pants and red high heels
  4. I will be there! I work near Crabtree! finally, I can get the Team Finland Ruutu jersey signed I got last year!
  5. are fans allowed to tailgate in the parking lot anybody know? I have only been to one Carnival and that was quite some time ago. I have some friends who would like to go but they thought it would be fun to come and bring the kids for the games and then sit and hang out for a while in the parking lot with the grill like we do for the games.
  6. Glad it's not just me! I am pretty bummed out! And like you said, if we could buy them it would not be such a big deal but we can't. The one I have is getting a little crispy and I would have liked to replaced it. OH JR, WHERE ARE OUR DECALS/MAGNETS?
  7. this is going to sound stupid but where in the heck are the STH decals!? we get them every year and this year NOTHING! I like getting a new one every year for my truck. Got my tickets this past friday!
  8. it will certainly be nice. the site seems so slow to me with this format.
  9. must. have. hockey. in. serious. withdrawal. I feel like a person trying to kick an addiction. I drive by the RBC Center on my way home from work every day and I just look at it and smile and think "HOCKEY STARTS SOON!" ok I will go back to sitting in the corner, rocking back and fourth with my arms wrapped around my legs......... must. have. hockey...........
  10. YAY!!!! I don't post as much as I used to because it has been such a pain in the %%$% to use!
  11. god I am jealous of those of you who are going. I want to go so badly but just cant swing the $$$ involved. UGH! I wanted to be there in my Ruutu jersey so badly! Please take lots of pictures!
  12. I believe that JR discussed the concernes of Babchuk's attitude with him in one of their meetings... at least that is what the two dorks on 99.9 in the afternoon said a week or so ago (whenever it was Babchuk was here in town talking with JR) So perhaps he realizes he has had a crappy attitude and has changed? I always liked how he played, even if he had an attitude problem. And he has a wicked shot. Keeping my fingers crossed that he has changed for the good.
  13. I am truly going to miss Manny, he was always so much fun to watch and such a nice guy. I like Justin but I think he could have spent another year in the AHL, just my opinion. I am sad that I never got to have Manny sign the hat I bought specifically for his signature this past season. I hope Manny gets signed by another NHL team, he is a great goalie.
  14. god thank you!Staal acts like a child... pouts when things don't go his way, and stands around a whole lot. Pitkanen is A BIG GUY so he has a BIG stride but he gets down the ice quickly. He also has a pretty darn good shot when he takes one at the net. I think Pitkanen will be here for a long while.
  15. I would like to see Ruutu or one of the other Finns
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