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  1. Ok, I've got a few embarassing moments for all of you guys... 1) The night the Canes won the Stanley Cup a handful of my friends and I leave the game and head down to Glenwood South. While we're all celebrating at Lucky B's one of my friends notices that Jesse Boulerice is sitting at the bar. She really wanted to go up and say hey to him, but I knew that given the state I was in (pure joy from the night, and a little buzzed), I would more than likely do something stupid. Luckly, the bar was closing and everyone was being asked to leave. So my freinds and I leave and start walking up Glenwood, still glowing from the evening we were a part of and slightly in daze, when from around the corner, having left from the side exit or the bar comes Jesse. I grabbed my friend's arm, and like idiots, as we continue walking towards him we can't help but stare. As he passed us he looked at me and said "hey, sweetheart." I was able to compose myself unitl he was about a foot behind me when I looked at my friend, we both shreiked like school girls and literally fell over on the side walk. Neither of us could bear to turn around and see if he was laughing at us, but judging from the nearly whip lash reactions of our friends walking ahead of us, he had to have heard us. 2) Another night, my friends and I were at the Flying Saucer when we saw Commodore, Staal, Cole, and Boulerice walk in. Two of us immediately knew who they were, but one of our other friends had no clue seeing as she doesn't follow hockey at all. I pointed out Commodore to her as he walked passed us. The next thing I know, he's walking past us again to return to his table and my friend, the one who knows nothing about hockey, grabs him by the arm and pulls him down to sit at our table. She proceeds to tell him how she's not a fan at all, but my other friend and I are. He was really nice and actually talked to us for a few minutes before getting up to leave, but we spent to next hour yelling at our friend for basically attacking him and forcing he to sit with us. Ok, last one... 3) I'm at the gym anywhere from 5 - 7 days a week, and during the off season the Battaglia brothers (Bates and Anthony) work out there too. After I few weeks of trying to figure out why they looked so familiar I figured it out, but the gym is not exactly my idea of the best place to run into them, especially since I usually feel sweaty and gross. When they're there I usually just try to get my workout done as fast as possible and leave. Well, one day I'm working out with my trainer and he decides to make me run the staircase. Everything was fine, until the Battaglia's started using the machines right next to the stairs. So every time I turn around to come down the stairs, my trainer keeps yelling comments like "why's your face so red?" and "only 10 more flights to go" which just made the Battaglia's spend their rests between sets watching me run stairs and laughing the redder my face got.
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