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  1. I'm selling my seats for tonight on the Ticket Exchange, Section 108 Row M for less than box office face. They're great seats, just can't go tonight.
  2. Total pts.-81 Total wins-37 EC finish-10th Most pts.-Staal 1 Boychuk Jussi-62 pts. Total = 1 point
  3. NOT a fan of this one, trading within the division????
  4. I mentioned this over the weekend to several people. Great idea, just make sure to do it BEFORE the game....
  5. I've traveled Sweden and Denmark rather extensively, pretty much all of Scandinavia (and western Europe for that matter) can speak English. You'll be fine.
  6. The record 17 losses don't include OTL because they didn't exist (get a point) when the record was set. The winless record of 30 does include ties, which of course can't happen anymore. I hate to say it, but I think the 17 game losing streak applies here....
  7. Thanks, and good luck vs. probably Detroit. As for your fellow Pens fans, most of them last night behaved well. Cheers.
  8. My final thought for this thread would be that the only people I had a problem with were STHs who sold their tickets to Penguins fans. You don't sell out home ice advantage.... :angry:
  9. I've been a Canes fan ever since they moved to NC, and I'll be the first to say Bayda deserves a one game suspension. That cross-check AFTER the icing touchup was just flatout stupid...
  10. Absolutely correct. If it was all about money I wouldn't be paying $80 for tickets that cost $170 via Ticketmaster. We get love for making a season (or even partial season) investment. There will be Penguins fans; after all, there is no one left in Pittsburgh, even though I've heard it's a nice place. I'm wondering how many in attendance are: 1. Pens fans first/Canes second (perfectly acceptable, I think less of people who change allegiance based on where they live) 2. Canes season ticket holders who sell to Penguins fans (completely unacceptable, you should have your seat revoked for selling out your team's home ice advantage!!!) Ok, I'm done now....
  11. And remember, since half of Pittsburgh now lives down here WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!!!! Any season ticket holders caught selling their seats to the enemy gets their next season revoked. I'm only half kidding.....
  12. I'm fairly certain you'll be blacked out if you're in/around Raleigh. Sports bar, buddy!
  13. Ladies and gentlemen, THAT is the best reason I've heard so far. As a big brother, you NEVER want the younger one showing you up!!!!
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