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  1. If we can somehow miraculously win the next three games in reg, we gain some very valuable points against two teams above us….. Trying to be optimistic with the glass half full, even though its more like a quarter full haha
  2. So they say…. Thats like us saying we're going with Peters if we got rid of both Ward and Khudo. I am sure they would give it some thought if a goalie was offered their way.
  3. I am hoping Ward a player and pick for Kesler, now that Vancouver needs a legit goalie.
  4. Tonight I have goal line seats against the glass in the Saddledome tonight, in the Calgary defensive zone for two periods so I am praying for an offensive onslaught by the boys. Also hoping to see Ward in net tonight again, he needs a few games to get his rythm back. As much as people are on the hating Cam trade him away bandwagon, I feel way more comfortable with him in net than Peters anyday no matter what the stats say.... So what if Peters stats are better, I feel like the guy is ALWAYS battling the puck and hes bound to come back down to earth.... Remember Montreal was gonna give Price away for a bag of pucks a couple years ago, and now look how hes doing....
  5. Anyone see the Thorton incident with Orpik? Just wondering what everybody's opinion is on it? I do agree its a coward move and should be suspended a decent amount. I don't think its anywhere near Bertuzzi's incident. My opinion is 10 games max, tripped him and suckered him twice with his glove. What I think should be looked at more, is James Neals attempt to injure on Brad Marchand, I thought that was just as dirty if not worse. A deliberant knee to the head when a player is down. Just wondering what everyones opinion is?
  6. The West always dominates the East.. They play two totally different games. The East plays more of a european finesse game while the West plays a pure Canadian/American style (Hard, gritty, hit everyone type fast paced game). Boston is one exception, they play a hard hitting tough game and that seems to be pretty successful to me. So to people saying that just speed and finesse are keys to success, have a look at the past 30 stanley cup winners and ask yourself if it was finesse that got them that far. TEAM TOUGHNESS will always be number one... blocking shots, winning battles, getting to the rough areas in front of the net and absolutely giving 110%, grinding the oppositions Dmen into the boards to tire them out and take advantage offensively. The toughest teams always win in the playoffs and always will. To people who are against fighting in hockey, give this article a read: http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nhl/2013/10/30/pro-fighting-column/3320245/ PS: Not trying to bash anyone or be rude, just stating facts along with my opinion. Enjoy your thanksgiving in the US fellow caniacs!!
  7. Ryan Pullock from the Brandon Wheat Kings. He is from my home town, amazing tough defenceman who is not scared to fight, hit or go to the dirty areas. Not to mention he shot 105mph at the Wheat Kings skills comp. He is ranked 12 right now, but was 6th at the midpoint.
  8. Rick Nash is now available but would probably take a miracle to get him. Just think how amazing Staal & Nash would be together, think 2010 Olympics who dominated everyone. Ruutu, Mcbain, M.Murphy (columbus needs a goalie), and two 1st rounders.
  9. Well something needs to be done asap..... I say trade Ruutu, Faulk or Murphy, plus a first rounder and what ever else it takes to get Spezza or Nash... We cant get any worse, and we have so much young talent that we have a promising future so why not get a first liner when we have the bait to get them!
  10. I wont be losing sleep if they both walk, let them be greedy lol. Larose deserves money but in our situation were not the ones to give it to him. Cole on the other hand I dont want to see him back, hes constantly been downhill. Hes got speed and grit but if you cant finish what good is it. I would rather see that money we save at least trying to get a big name for staal. I mean if JR was willing to pay cole at least 2 mill and Im sure offered larose 1.5, theres 3.5 million there to spend towards someone. Get PK to dig out some ole pocket change and grab a winger.
  11. Heatly wants out of Ottawa.. Theres are big name winger. Now JR get to work. Just imagine Staal, Heatley and Rutuu or anyone just Staal and Heatly together are scary enough
  12. Well me got back to mid season form at the worst time. Cant believe they called that on larose to make it a 5 on 3. Changes I want to see made my next year. 1. Brindy retire. 2. Sign Larose. 3. Dont resign cole. 4. Get ride of Whitney somehow. (He is a consistent performer but lacks when we need him the most.) 5. Bring in a high profile winger for Staal. He cant do it all himeself. 7. Keep our Defence, they'll continue to improve. 8. Ride Cam Ward until the guy is 60. Definately need a top 5 winger. We got beat by a two header monster, we need to counter with our own. Hope everyone had a fun ride, now we get to look forward to next year....
  13. This deal dont get us anywhere, just that cole is healthy and williams is not. Why would we trade Williams to get a younger sniper and a pick and then trade it away for someone we know is not the same after he got his neck replaced. I was used to cole not being here, why bring back "sloppy seconds" in the words of Avery and give away a player we could use. The only way this deal is not the most boneheaded move by JR is if Cole can put up at LEAST a point a game on our run here. Hopefully he has is speed like someone said earlier cause we can actually use it seeing as half our team only shows up occasionally
  14. 100% agreed. I'm glad Cam Ward had a stinker when it didnt even matter what he saved in the game. I would have been a totally different story if the canes would have scored four and actually could have won the game. Just hopefully that didnt break his confidence which I'm sure it didnt since he knows that if he would of saved everything it wouldnt of mattered lol. It would be nice if the offence could bail him out once in awhile like other teams can bail out there goalies but it seems like if our goalie doesnt play 100% its a guarranteed loss for us. I hope that the Canes bounce back after that one and are not at home shinning up the ole clubs.
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