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  1. We all know that you can't take a lot of the rumors Eklund posts seriously, but he has said that the Canuck's Bieksa could be heading here to Carolina for Williams. I would surely hope that if this trade went down that we would receive more than just Bieksa. The only reason why I would even take any of this rumor seriously is because I've heard Bieksa name linked to the Canes before. Hockey Buzz
  2. 5-4...Figured canes would blow it, I don't see them coming back the way we are playing on defense and in net.
  3. This is a great move because we now have insurance with Hamilton just in case someone on the top 3 lines goes down with an injury. Even though some of you said our defense doesn't look that bad it would be nice to see JR make one more trade to add a top pairing defenseman then I believe the canes would be set for the opener against Montreal.
  4. Does anyone happen to know the next "College Night"?
  5. If there was ever a time for JR to shake up the line up it has to be now. There is no excuse we should come out and play like this by only scoring one goal in a game that was suppose to be the biggest game of the season thus far. I say JR makes it happen with St. Louis and make it a multiple player deal and get Eric Brewer and Guerin. This will give the Canes a good young defenseman and a "rental" player for this years push towards the playoffs. I'm pretty sure Brewer is an UFA after this season as well but I think JR could re-sign him after the season is over to give the defense a boost.
  6. You have to remember that Seidenberg also played for a bad Coyotes which brought down his +/- significantly.
  7. Honestly I feel that he would be a good pick up for the canes if they can also find a center to go along with him. Samsonov looks as though he would really excel in Lavi's system. Picking him off of waivers then trading for a decent center would give the Canes three solid lines. Does anyone else see this?
  8. I believe that trying to get Forsberg is definately worth the risk. When healthly he is a great player, but thats when he is HEALTHY. He's obviously a game changer and thats exactly what the canes need right now. The canes season can be turned around by shaking up the lineup by adding a superstar like Forsberg and put them right back into the hunt for the Stanley Cup come playoff time if he stays healthy. If I was JR I would make the move and get rid of both Tanabe and Hutchinson and possibly a middle round pick if thats what it takes for Forsberg's services the rest of the season.
  9. Looks as though JR has been inquiring about Forsberg, which I believe would be a very bold move by the organization. http://tsn.ca/tsn_talent/columnists/bob_mckenzie/?id=194532
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