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  1. One of the most hated players ever to wear a Canes jersey. Usually by people who really couldn't tell you why they hated him. I remember sitting in the arena, listening to people yell at Pitkanen, often times when he wasn't even on the ice. Any player, especially a d-man would make a bad play and some idiot would yell something at Pitkanen. He wasn't perfect, but for a few seasons, he was the best the Canes had on the blueline. He was easily the most underappreciated player this team has ever had. If Rutherford had ever had the common sense to acquire a true #1 or #2 d pairing, Pitkanen might not have been expected to hold down the #1 spot that many felt he just wasn't quite cut out for.
  2. Here's my 2000 Ranheim, as requested.
  3. I don't think the 4th line and 1.5-4 minutes a game is where a developing young player needs to be. It doesn't work. Period. He's either ready for top 9 minutes, or he's not ready. He'll be a top line guy in Charlotte. I agree about the Checkers coaching. It needs to be refreshed. I'm ont a fan at all, of Daniels, or the progress he's made with our prospects.
  4. I have a game worn Ranheim from 2000. It has the Raleigh Arena patch, the 2000 NHL patch and the Chaisson "3" patch. TO me, it's pretty cool and unique.
  5. Stupid signing of a guy who's best years were well over 2 seasons ago. He couldn't stay in the lineup on two really bad teams. Same olf crap, from the new GM. Boneheaded signing....just a complete waste of a roster spot for a guy who can't skate, won't play physical anymore, and provides no upside.
  6. Trotz: Will have his choice of several NHL teams. Not going to happen. Torts is a short term solution to a long term problem. Canes can't afford him. Laviolette: Uh....no! Karmanos still owns this team. Guy Boucher! There are rules in place about tampering. Ulf will be hired in some position, likely assistant. But after the rangers are done playing.
  7. When was the last time the Canes were bag skated till they puked? "Again"!!!! I think it was Maurice.
  8. I don't disagree. But I'm sick of the "take Kapanen" talk just because his dad played here.
  9. And yet people seem confused when I say if they name Daniels as head coach, I'm done with this team!
  10. No way is Kapanen the 7th best player on the board. There are several guys in the top 15 I'd take over him. Ehlers is the same size, and twice as good. If size doesn't matter, Ehlers is your man. But Ritchie and Fleury will be hard to pass over if they are still there.
  11. I'm not at all convinced that bringing in another coach is going to fix "soft, lazy and the PP". You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. But, WHEN they do hire a new coach, I hope they bring in a guy who isn't afraid to call a guy out, and sit him down if he refuses to play like he's instructed! I think Muller is too soft and easy going. I also think he's bitten off more than he can chew as an NHL head coach.
  12. Oh, I like Ritchie too. My point is simply, there seems to be MANY better options than going down Sentimental Ave. with the 7th pick. Like I said , we're already tossing away one of our late picks on Wesley, who to be honest, isn't good at all.
  13. Ehlers is a LOT better than Kapanen. Go read up on him or watch his highlights. He'd skate circles around Kapanen....or anybody and everybody else for that matter. It would be foolish to take Kapanen based on his name, in the 7th spot, especially if a few other guys are still on the board. It's long overdue that the nepotism be put to bed in this organization. We do't need every Sutter, Staal, and former players son on the squad! We're already going to waste a draft pick on Wesley's kid in the late rounds. Ehlers, Fleury, both MUCH better picks than Kapanen.
  14. I'll just say, I'm really glad that you are not the GM!
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