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  1. I' ve never observed Canes' practice. Can anyone let me know where and when? I will leave Raleigh soon. definitely want to have a closer look at our players before I go.
  2. It happens everytime Canes meet Leafs, not only tonight
  3. why bother? Staal and Cole never ever had any chemistry this season. You don't want to demote Walker or Ladd when they are playing well. One major problem with Cole is turnover. I don't have much expectation on him.
  4. It was unfortunate, his linemate Walker did not play as well as 24 does now. Maybe we do not have enough guys that can finish. very sad indeed. Justin is definitely a scorer. That was why Rod passed the puck instead of shooting. He knew Justin had better shooting ability.
  5. If I could choose, I prefer to win the Trashers and lose the Flyers. Now, the best we can do is to get 2 points from Flyers.
  6. This is closer to the truth. I would blame Cam Ward for the goal. Actually, I think Staal played better in the last two games.
  7. hockey is hockey. the standing is meaningless for a single game. We beat the No. 1 Ducks on Dec 29th. But we lost the Flyers game two days later. December 31st game. Ring a bell?
  8. well said. totally agree. -KernersvilleCaniacWilliams actually put up his better offensive stats playing with Brind'Amour at center and the rotating cast of characters on the left wing. He had 5 goals in 32 games playing with Staal and Vasicek. This season, Williams has had brief scoring bursts on Staal's line, and more consistent all-around play on Brind'Amour's line. Williams is not a terribly good set-up man, Stillman is very good, and Staal benefits far more from having Stillman and Cole on his line than he does from having Williams. SSC was a force for a reason. Staal doesn't display the toughness that Cole does and Williams could never equal Cole in that facet of the game. Cole has more speed than Staal, and possibly(probably) more than Williams, so that helps Staal also. I think Cole also takes some of the pressure from the other team off of Staal, because he is so hard to contain, and you have to go for one or the other. Williams has been far more 'selfish' with the puck this season(justifiably so), which does not benefit Staal. Staal needs someone to feed him the puck because he's just so good at getting it through traffic and into the net. Advantage Stillman. With Cole injured currently and Stillman missing most of the season(and injured again), Staal's stats have most likely suffered. He could definitely have hit 100 points again, he is that good. But he needs the proper supporting cast, and he's not getting that from Williams or Ladd, through no fault of theirs or his. Staal would benefit from having Cole back, and at the very least a Stillman-type player.
  9. Nobody is expecting him to score every night and 100pts every season. I hate the old cliches like 'he is 22 year old young kid' and '70 pts is not a bad season'... Stats do not show everything. And you have read stats smartly. In the picture attached, it clearly shows that the long Dec drought did not come to an end completely. We are not saying he is not playing hard. But this talented kid is playing the right hockey. keep in mind, stats sometimes tell you nothing. I think most people would agree Staal's secondary asst contributed very little to Walker's goal last night. Staal is our second line center. Sure there is some expectation. I just think it is abnormal when our third line center has better performance than him. BTW, I didn't see any chemistry between Eric and Erik. Stillman is big loss for Staal. Back-to-back 100 point seasons is quite a lot to ask for a 22-year old, no? Whitney was quoted in the N&O a few weeks ago about how the Hurricanes overachieved last year and I'd say that that also likely applies to Staal. Just because someone put up 100 points or 52 wins one season doesn't mean they are capable of doing it the next. Staal had a hot streak at the beginning of last season and was at one point the NHL's leading scorer, but ended up 7th. Furthermore, Staal hasn't got the same type quality of linemates as last season. Last year he had Stillman-Cole on his line virtually the entire year up until Cole's injury. He's had numerous linemates this year because of the injuries, the most often being Walker and most recently Walker and Ladd. I like those guys, but they don't come anywhere close to Stillman and Cole.
  10. I once met several annoying mid aged ladies (zone 129 I guess), who spent most of the time on their loud but 'private' conversations. When the Canes turned the puck over, they still kept talking and laughing. I just felt wierd and angry. Their tix must be paid by sb else.
  11. Rod for sure Ray is not in the list???? Cole is the 2nd. unbelievable. he has so many turnovers.
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