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  1. Caps D is going to stink...Holtby, & the Caps O will both have to step it up! I'm sorry but when your top 4 is Niskanen, Orpik, Carlson, & Orlov...yikes! Plus if the don't add a vet D on the cheap then they are looking at 2 young D that have very little NHL experience filling out the bottom pair. Crapitals will probably be a playoff team unless Holtby goes down, or his play drops off due to his bad D...I just don't see them raising another President's Trophy Banner!
  2. Nice Article! http://www.tsn.ca/talent/why-carolina-s-commitment-to-darling-makes-sense-1.821508
  3. RF on 99.9 right now.
  4. Link?
  5. yes, but Lack & Wisniewski come off the books next year opening up 2.3M Then thou who should not be name comes off 3 years after that. Plus the pipe line is building up to be able to replace certain pieces with young guys on ELC or bridge deals. Canes soon to be a cap team for all the right reasons...no more Floor!!!
  6. You just have to love what GMRF is doing...every move this offseason gets a solid B to an A+. Gentlemen we are witnessing the beginning of what could be a great run that could even surpass the playoff runs of 02-09!!! Think about that...this team could be on the verge of playoffs every year...for years to come if RF keeps this asset management up! Think of the message this sends all of the Canes draft picks regardless of where you were pick...come up thru our system, and perform and you too shall be rewarded!
  7. So no bridge deal...GMRF buying some of his UFA years...so that is why the price seems high right now...Rem is right in a few years this could be a bargain for a top 2 D man.
  8. Good article on the Canes: https://www.nhl.com/news/carolina-hurricanes-roster-reset-analysis/c-290342676?tid=281151520
  9. Guys, I really like this team. Canes lost no one of importance and added several things that they needed..new goalie, better 5-6 Dman, 20+ goal scorer, vet leadership, and they lost nothing in the expansion draft!!! I know we don't have a true 1C, but we have more NHL level skill, & true NHL level depth than we have had in a long time. I'm fine with not acquiring a true 1C if the cost was a top 4D. Our D is going to be awesome...I think we make the playoffs, and then who knows. I think Darling is for real!!! I think this team is for real!!! I think this is the season we break the streak!
  10. 1 year 1M seems fair...Maybe it includes some bonuses. But I would still prefer Vanek on this type of contract...he has more offensive ups side IMO. Jags would be a good PR move, but probably not a good hockey move. Just too slow...the majority of his goals were the slow 3F into the O zone type, & he wasn't staying back to play defense.
  11. I don't think you can label any of the Canes' lines as a true 1st line. I see it more as 2A, 2B, 3, & 4...Which isn't the worst thing in the world...Canes have more depth scoring, skill, & NHL level two way talent than they've had in a long time!!! This can cause match up problems for the other teams...if you can't guess which line is going to be on on a given night who do you send your shutdown line & top pair D against, who do you send your 3rd pair D against??? Take the Pens from 2 years ago...no one could match their 4 lines, & the HBK(3rd line) was actual the most deadly line they deployed during the 2016 playoffs. Canes just might have 3 lines that can score on any given night, & a true 4th line that can shut other teams top lines down...Would I love a true 1C on this team, & a true 1st line...sure, but I prefer to keep our killer young studs on our top 4 D...heck soon our 5-6 could be better than most teams 3-4!!! Look for the positives guys it's July for peat sakes!!! Image one year soon: Faulk - Hanifin Slavin - Pesce Fleury - Bean TVR as 7 D
  12. This sums it up...stay positive my friends!!!
  13. No. Washington will be good...just not as great as everyone thinks. Sorry crapital fans but when your top 4 D are Niskanen, Orpik, Orlov, & Carlson that's not good...yes they still have Holtby, & most of their offense back, but their D stinks. They will probably make the playoffs, but won't make it out of the 1st, or 2nd round. Pens decided to let most of their UFAs walk...hard to keep the same team together for three years, but they will still be good...they add Letang back to their D. replace most of the UFAs with younger guys. Their biggest hole is 3C, and losing Fluery will hurt...I'm not sold on Neimi as the back up, but they do have Jarry in WBS. CBJ seem like a wash. Yes they got Panarin, but they lost Saad...this is more even of a trade than it appears...5v5 production almost equal. Pan better on PP, Saad better 2 way F. CBJ should make the playoffs. Mon. took a small step back, but they do have Price..should be in the hunt. Ottawa seems about the same, & could go either way. Boston same as Ottawa. NYR & NYI got worse in my opinion, but they could be still in the hunt. Toronto, & Tampa both got a little better and will be in the hunt for sure. As for the rest...Canes, & Buffalo got better...Philly & wings are about the same, & NJ is in a total rebuild. I think this might be the Canes year to break the drought...I really like what they have added without any major subtractions...even some of the subtractions can be counted as additions. Darling will be the biggest factor, but I can see us making the playoffs...why not us!!!
  14. Since the season ended, the Capitals have lost three of their six defensemen, and a winger each from two of their three scoring lines. They have overpaid, & over termed too many players!!! Mark my words this is the beginning of their downfall!!!
  15. I just love it when dumb teams get dumber!!! Washington is paying 8 players more than 5M each with some really bad contracts thrown in too. KUZNETSOV @ 7.8M for 8 years for a guy who just scored 19G & 59P + they had to trade JOHANSSON to fit it in and Johansson had 24G & 59P at 4.5M...wow! Oshie at 30yo 5.75M for 8 years..yikes! Plus they still have Opik at 5.5M for 2 more years, & Niskanen at 5.75M for 4 more years...Just crazy!!! Caps have 5M in cap space left and still need 2 NHL F, 1 NHL D, & 1 - B/U goalie(RFA with ARBITRATION)