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  1. I have to admit that I haven't seen a ton of Blackhawk games, but TVR is a low risk / high reward type of transaction. As far as TVR vs Tennyson...from what I read his potential ceiling is higher, but not by much. TVR solid 5/6 with top 4 potential...Tennyson ceiling is probably 5/6 D pair...but who knows...maybe RF or BP didn't like Tennyson, or maybe he wouldn't resign, or maybe RF was just trying to add to the depth of RHD.
  2. THIS!!! If we can get a scoring top 6 F with picks and prospects then I'm sure RF will pull the trigger...no way I trade any of our top 4 D nor Fleury. I would offer Bean, our 1st, Murphy or Dahlbeck, for a solid top 6 F...who that is & with what team???
  3. Yikes...didn't realize it was that quick...never mind. just give him a call on Sunday.
  4. No way I'd give a 1st unless it was a sign & trade deal. Remember Washington has no 1st, but I can't see them trading him in the division. but a 3rd to get exclusive rights for extra week might be doable...not sure if it is even worth it at this point can't you start talking to FA early next week???
  5. Pierre LeBrun‏Verified account @PierreVLeBrun Subject to change, of course, but Hurricanes don't plan on trading any of their top 7 D, want to use picks/prospects to upgrade at forward
  6. yeah this may have been part of the expansion draft considerations...so the full trade was: CAR: TVR & 2018 7th + LV lays off Stem & Nordy LV: 2017 2nd & 5th..and their pick of AHLers. No way they wanted anyone else not named Stem, or Nordy. Vegas now has 13 picks this year and counting...6 in the first 2 rounds.
  7. Pens 2nd. Basically a 3rd. or you can look at it as Hanisey for TVR. Vegas 2018 7th.
  8. It was for the Pens 2nd round pick which is basically the third round. So we traded Hainsey for TVR. TVR is a solid young RHD. He can slot in to the 5/6 spot no problem..top 4 maybe one day, but not yet.
  9. That's a great trade. TVR & a 7th for a 2nd...nice job RF
  10. Pierre LeBrun ✔@PierreVLeBrun TVR to Carolina trade call completed. Canes send late second round pick to Vegas. Carolina also gets 7th Rd pick
  11. I be fine with that if it was straight up! Strome for Eberle. Done deal.
  12. Have the Canes officially become the Blackhawks south or what???
  13. in some ways I hope GMRF keeps TVR, & our current top 4 D...I know we need O, but our D looking scary good plus add in Darling and the Pens former goalie coach...Wow!
  14. I'm sorry guys but if they just get TVR our top 6 D would be unreal. I know it's probably a flip for O, but just image: Faulk / Hanifin Slavin / Pesce Fluery / TVR Dahlbech
  15. What would you offer Vegas for Neal, or Marchessault? I would offer a second round pick...we have 3. Yes, both are potentially rentals, but both are potentially 30 goal scorers next year, & could possible be resigned. Any other forwards worth a pick to Vegas? What about our first for one of the top D-men exposed then flip that D, or one of our D to the AVS for Duchene...three way trade...that way the AVS get to keep their draft pick(#4). Canes get Duchene LV gets #12 pick AVS get Dumba or Methot...I would put Vatanen but for the rumored 1st round pick(2018) or prospects already going from the ducks to Vegas. Might need secondary pieces to work.