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  1. Ask the rangers for the Jets 1st rounder, & maybe settle on the Rags 2nd rounder. Other teams like LA, Colorado, & the Ducks also have 2 - 1st rounders if you don't want him to be in the East.
  2. Don't care how many points or goals he gets...It was a desperate trade deadline type of deal that was made before the season even started, & we got Pu for him from a team that had 3 first round picks in this year's draft...we could get one of them even with a condition of him resigning? Yes, I know they just wanted him gone, but we were robbed. Nino for Rask did make up for this blunder.
  3. It's funny how the two teams I pull for can be tied in the standing, and yet I feel so different about each team. The Pens who I've been a fan of since 1981 are just not that good this year. They win and are in a playoff spot despite JR's horrible moves this year. If they make the playoffs I see a first round exit at the hands of TB, the crapitals, or the Islanders. They are just not that good this year. On the other hand i'm so pumped by this year's Canes team. Same # of points, but a much different feeling about this team. Except for the Skinner move I like everything "the committee" has done with this team. I'm not only excited and expect this team to make the playoff, but I could see them winning a series or two. I don't think anyone would want the Canes in a first round match up!
  4. Welcome to the Darkside...We have cookies!!!
  5. This should pump you up!!!
  6. Bunch of Jerks with chemistry 1 - All in New CBJ Team 0
  7. 2 years from now at the earliest....60K tickets better start the pre-sale now. Of course it will be an event, & this area loves those type of things..All day tailgate I'm in.
  8. Chemistry is one thing but true NHL talent is another. You got to have a good mix of both. It will be interesting to see how the team with chemistry(Canes) does vs the team with almost a new roster(CBJ)...CBJ will have a ton of NHL talent level depth.
  9. Didn't Francis say this last year right before he was promoted? I mean fired...
  10. Well at least we got to keep Ferland...otherwise we got PU! Well Jurco... Can't believe we didn't give up a single draft pick for an NHL player...better hope the Pens or MTL fall apart. CBJ are probably not catchable now that they are all In.
  11. From DD at TSN: Devils with the first move of the morning. Marcus Johansson will go today as well. New Jersey looking for a 2nd round pick. This is the type of move we need to make...Use the stupid 2nd picked up in the Skinner for Poo trade!!! Doesn't have to be this specific player just this type of NHL scoring depth move. Keep the rest of the team intact!
  12. Canes at most just need a scoring boost or NHL depth. No way I make the D for O trade now. Keeping Ferland as a rental is also a win for the Canes!
  13. Ferland is the Canes rental, don't trade him for PU! We have a better chance of making the playoffs with him than without him. No one is going to trade a young NHL scoring forward with contract for Ferland unless we eat some of his salary, & they need the cap space for something else. I would listen, but only move him if we got something that helps now & in the future. This team could actual use another scoring F that could be a rental, but the Canes won't do that. At this point I would be against the D for a F trade. The team is really playing well. I would only add a F for futures...something this team hasn't done since well forever.
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