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  1. What's not to like about this possible move? This is just like picking up a player at the trade deadline, but even better! You spend no assets(other than cash), you know the player, almost everyone in the locker room knows the player, & you add much needed veteran depth at the time that your schedule gets crazy. It's not like the Canes are going to go out & trade for someone else at the deadline. I agree that if JW comes back I think the Canes, & him have known it for a while. Very easy to pay him a base salary plus bonuses that will count on next year's cap.
  2. Maybe not... https://www.nhl.com/news/chicago-blackhawks-de-haan-seabrook-to-miss-rest-of-the-season/c-313075580
  3. He officially has 30 games so the Canes now have 2 - 2nds, & 2 - 3rds...Come on Toronto let them end up with the 11th pick so we have 6 picks in the top 93...Or plenty of picks for a deadline trade!
  4. as of now yes...after trade deadline probably not! They also kept their first rounder from last year, & the pick SAMUEL POULIN is the rumored prospect were he to go after Hall. Not sure how he'll do it since the Pens are tighter to the cap, but it's JR & he spends futures, & somehow gets teams to keep salary like no other GM. Crosby / Malkin both north of 30 so this is a move I can totally see JR going all in for Hall.
  5. So my main point was if we had no cap issues then yes get Hall with a 1st & a 3rd, but since we do have cap issues you got to include more to get NJ to retain salary. Is it risky - yes - is it worth it - if you win the cup or resign Hall - Yes. Will it happen - no...JR will throw out the Pens 1st / 3rd, top prospect, & a roster player, and the Canes won't.
  6. It's the NHL...Canes can totally make this happen. Hall is only 6M for the full year, & we are already 1/4 the way thru the year. So that currently brings it to 4.5M cap hit. I would offer Bean, Toronto's conditional 1st rounder, & Reimer for Hall(1.5M salary retained)...So you lose 2.55 in Reimer but add .581 in Forsberg or Ned with NJ retaining salary...you only add 3M...while losing 1.969M + 1.695M in current cap space = .66M in cap space left...Maybe you throw in another prospect or Buffalo's 3rd round pick, but your talking about adding Taylor freaking Hall to a good team!
  7. As we head into the Rangers game the Fox watch stands at 21 games. :) If Toronto continues to lay an egg. Canes could have 2 picks in each of the first 3 rounds. Hopefully to go with another playoff run!
  8. Wow! these are rich team problems...both Necas & Goat are at the beginnings of their NHL level career, & we're arguing over which one...soon it will be both and right now it's just a numbers vs losing a players on waivers vs salary cap thing. BOTH made the team...BOTH deserve to be at the NHL level...Both will be in our top 9 soon. These are good problems to have. You could argue the same thing on defense...or even in goal. The Canes are the deepest they have ever been in quality talent on every level. This could be really special, & I for one am just going to sit back & enjoy it!
  9. Fox watch 2 games down - 28 to go! I can't ever remember a time when the Canes were so deep at the NHL level, AHL level, Jr / draft pick level...this could be an epic run! I really want to thank Francis for setting this up...yes I was upset that he wouldn't pull the trigger to improve the team at his final trade deadline...But there is no way that the Canes are in this position without his insight into rebuilding this team, & organization! Thankfully, Waddell & the committee has continued this and added in a little more in FA & risk taking knowing that the young core is strong! The present & Future look so bright!!!
  10. Gauthier didn't go thru waivers. He would have been claimed! He is waiver exempt all year.
  11. CAROLINA HURRICANES PROJECTED CAP HIT : $79,950,289 PROJECTED LTIR USED : $0 PROJECTED CAP SPACE : $1,549,711 CURRENT CAP SPACE : $1,549,711 TODAYS CAP HIT : $79,950,289 This from Capfriendly now has TVR on IR, & Max McCormick on SOIR - Season Opening IR. Not sure what the difference is, but I'm sure it has to do with cap savings vs IR time. No one on LTIR. 20 man roster has got to be for cap savings(who thought I'd ever say that about the Canes!), & probably since no one was picked up on waivers. Send em down save a little cap space. then either guys come off IR, or you do a couple of call ups for the west coast trip.
  12. The Arizona Coyotes claimed goaltender Eric Comrie off waivers from the Winnipeg Jets on Tuesday, while the Jets claimed defenceman Carl Dahlstrom from the Chicago Blackhawks. All other players placed on waivers Monday cleared. Boom there it is!
  13. It's only because he is waiver exempt...he is ready to be an NHL back up, but it will be better for him to play more games in the AHL. Next year he will get his shot...as long as he continues to develop. Ned got a one way deal next year. He helps the Canes this year by being the one goalie they can move down or up without losing anyone. Ned's time will come.
  14. Looks like Sweden... Dominik Bokk (born 3 February 2000) is a German professional ice hockey forward for Rögle BK of the Swedish Hockey League (SHL), on loan as a prospect for the Carolina Hurricanes of the National Hockey League (NHL).
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