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  1. Rem - Great read on this thread. Cupboards are stacked!!!
  2. Of course I did...This series screams typical Fluery!!! 2 - home games - 2 GA 2 wins - .972 SP vs 2 - away games - 9 GA 1win - .873 SP I'm not advocating for a MAF to the Canes for picks...just seems like one of the logical choices that a lot of people are mentioning...I think the Canes should try to pry a young goalie prospect, or take two or three top goalies in this draft...I'm not sure about any of the goalies in the canes system.
  3. That's not really fair...no Pens player was good in that series...unless they count dumb penalties & fights. I do agree with the commits above the picture...MAF can be the most amazing goalie & give you a chance to win every night...then he can also let in softies that will drive you nuts as a fan. I still do like having him as a back up to Murray...wish they could keep both until Jarry was ready, but that won't happen.
  4. Oh had not heard that...I thought they couldn't talk to UFAs nor take them since they would be free agents less than 10 days later. I stand corrected...and I learn some new about the expansion draft almost everyday. Here is a good article on the weird one time 3 day window Vegas gets to talk & possible sign UFAs. I still find it very strange how another club can talk to a player still under contract to his original club. I now understand why they are allowing it, but goes against all of the contract rules...in a normal year heads would roll for this type of tampering, but in this crazy offseason it is allowed...the article is a good read with some examples. http://sinbin.vegas/curious-role-ufas-expansion-draft/
  5. Chicago is not playing well, & is going to need cap room...I have seen a few rumors where they might be willing to send Crawford to a team to clear cap room for Darling...others say they may just let Darling walk, and look for a cheaper back up. I would love to see even a small FA move in GMRF possibly trade for Darling's rights before he hits the market. Say a 3rd or 4th round pick. Chicago doesn't have a 3rd round pick, & we have 3. That type of move does not guarantee he will sign here, but it shows that you want him...you can wine & dine him...show him the area, show him your good solid young D core, and make him a good solid offer, and hope he wants to be apart of what your building here. KK would like this, but love a sign and trade move where we got him (signed) for say Lack or Ward (either with 50% salary retained) & a second round pick. Canes could wait to see if Darling makes it to FA. But then you lose the opportunity at other goalies. Bottom line is Vegas can't take Daring unless Chicago signs him before the expansion draft...they are not going to do that without a deal in place to trade one of either Crawford, or do a sign and trade with Darling. Chicago could try to just sign Darling between expansion draft & free agency to try to keep both but then the cap enters the equation.
  6. Just poking some fun at you, but you keep beating that horse umm I mean drum Rem!!! This is the year going from year 3 to year 4 of a 5 year rebuild plan...(so far with no super elite draft pick to accelerate the rebuild like McJesus in Edm, or Matthews in Tor)....to pull a big move. GMRF has in front of him tons of assets in the cupboard...now mix that in with tons of cap room + Expansion draft possible trades + regular draft trades + free agency. Need cap room & willing to give a good player or prospect - Canes can help with that - see Bickel & TT. Need to get a prospect or pick for a NHL player you can't protect - Canes can help with that too - so many possibilities for this one!!! Need picks - Canes got em...Need prospects - Canes got em...Need Cap room - Canes can give that to you too!!! Oh the possibilities...GMRF has to do something big this offseason! Even Remkin's dream of moving on up in the entry draft is a possibility this year!!! I agree that Vegas opens that door a little wider than normal...too bad this is not the year we had two 1st.
  7. VEGAS!!! Beat that thing Rem! Might could sweeten that pot with adding a decent prospect to it rather than more picks...Say #4 or #5 for #11, MCKEOWN , & 2 of our 3 - 2nds.
  8. Vegas need depth as much as they need quality...They have no farm system! Currently having only one player under contract out of a possible 50 contracts! Draft will be BPA at first...then by position for depth, & finally young players on 2 way contracts or RFAs that can play at either the NHL or AHL level. If I'm Vegas I'm looking at young possible NHL players as much as I would be looking at veteran contract to help get above the floor...they will probably be willing to take picks, but prospects will be more valuable since they need depth that is closer to playing in an NHL or AHL role. I think MAF will waive his NMC & either end up in Vegas, or with another team looking for a #1. I would be happier with him & Murray staying together, but that will take a big bribe that I'm not sure the Pens have nor can afford. I still see the Canes as a good trade partner in something like Lack or Ward for MAF & the Pens original 2nd round pick going back to the Pens. Now if you want to get a little crazy how about MAF, & Sprong for Lack, H. Fluery & Pens 2nd(currently owned by Canes)...Pens get young d prospect + pick back + cap room. Canes get Legit #1 goalie + a good young scoring wing with Top 6 potential.
  9. I'm not sure if Darling will be available, but Crawford might be. Hawks might need the cap room that parting with Crawford would provide. Of course it may be Darling if Crawford won't waive his NMC. Maybe something like Crawford or Darling(signed) for Lack + our highest 2nd round pick, or you could go Fleury for Lack + giving Pens' second round pick back to them. If a trade like this happens then both of the Canes goalies could be exposed to Vegas!
  10. 9. FLEURY TAKES OFF Over the course of his first pro season, Haydn Fleury has become one of the Checkers’ top blue liner. Fleury’s 25 points, which rank second on the team currently, are the second most by a rookie defenseman in franchise history, trailing only Trevor Carrick’s 2014-15 season. The 20-year-old has only been a minus six times over the last 34 games, with his plus-16 rating standing as the best on the team and tied with the best mark in franchise history, set in 2011-12 by Justin Krueger and matched in 2012-13 by Zac Dalpe.
  11. Vegas has the #3 overall pick unless they fall in the draft lottery. Still I like the idea, but I don't see RF pulling the trigger on that. Last year he had 2 first and didn't move. I see him maybe moving picks for a young NHL forward, or goalie, but as in the past he will probably have to pick from a cap strap team or a team that needs to move someone they can't protect in the expansion draft.
  12. Tyler Johnson for Justin Faulk. Might take a few more piece to get it done. If I was GMRF I would offer Faulk, Bean, & 2 - 2nd for KUCHEROV!!!
  13. Yes, but Columbus has Bobrovsky and we have Ward...And Toronto has Matthews...Both teams have something our core lacks. A true top NHL star, & a true #1 goalie. I'm not saying that our rebuild hasn't had it bumps...like signing Ward, & Lack, but overall the team is headed in the right direction. Hopefully, GMRF will learn from his mistakes...we know he has learned from JR's mistakes. It would be nice if we traded a D or 2 for Duchene, but no one wants to give up Slavin, or Pesce...and I don't see Colorado taking Faluk back. Canes need a change in net, both now & for the future. Ward or Lack need to go...then get a goalie either thru trade or FA...Plus draft the top two goalies this year...We have 10 picks!!! Winning the draft lottery and getting a top three pick would be nice too!!!
  14. Mr. Francis, Thank goodness you traded Hainsey for a second round pick, & any other older player with UFA behind their name these past few years. You sir are a genius, and the Canes have the most youthful skilled core in the league...not to mention the deepest, most skilled prospect pool the organization has ever had. While we would have all loved to make the playoffs in year 3 of a 5 year rebuild those of us with eyes can see your ultimate vision. Soon people like JBB will be on the bandwagon(saying that they are your biggest fan) when the Canes reach several seasons in a row of not only making the playoffs every year, but as this young core finally starts to mature into a contender. Continue to add to the youth, picks, & prospects!!! Real Canes fans are behind you, & your plan.
  15. From TSN trade rumors: "It still might come down to which young defenseman — or defensemen — the Carolina Hurricanes ultimately are willing to include in a package for Duchene. Go too far down the Hurricanes’ organizational list, and it’s a setup for failure. It’s remains doubtful the ‘Canes will agree to part with Erie High grad Jaccob Slavin, but that still should be the goal … as a start."