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  1. To Trade, or not to trade

    Toews, Kane, & Anisimov have NMC...only one I could see here is maybe Saad...but for what???
  2. The New Thread about Goalies

    You have to waive him to send him to Charlotte...not a bad thing based on the way he has played and his contract he should easily clear, but you do risk it trying to send him down.
  3. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Problem solved!
  4. Off-Season Talk 2017

    These are good problems to have...there will be another expansion team in the future, and the Canes will lose a player that we have heard of before the expansion draft day...also the Canes are getting to the tipping point where they will go from a trade deadline seller to a buyer and some of these problems can be work out then or in the offseason...again these are the problems that you want!!!
  5. Free Agency Frenzy or Fizzle

    1 year 1M seems fair...Maybe it includes some bonuses. But I would still prefer Vanek on this type of contract...he has more offensive ups side IMO. Jags would be a good PR move, but probably not a good hockey move. Just too slow...the majority of his goals were the slow 3F into the O zone type, & he wasn't staying back to play defense.
  6. Free Agency Frenzy or Fizzle

    Yeah this just doesn't seem like a RF move. This year the cap space is no big deal, but the next two or three years it could hurt them... The problem with this rumor is the Canes won't be a floor team next year & may need that cap space with 6 major RFAs needing raises plus another 11 minor RFAs. Big names needing bridge deals & Raises are Slavin, Hanifin, Pesce, & Lindholm + TVR, Nordstrom, & Ward(probably a lower BU contract). The following year they will need money for Skinner, Williams, Aho, Fluery, & McKeown.
  7. Free Agency Frenzy or Fizzle

    Still could be extra 1st round pick, & a prospect to sweeten the Duchene offer
  8. Free Agency Frenzy or Fizzle

    so the official trade was: CAR: Keeping Stem, & Nordy + TVR + Kruger & a 7th round pick. For VGK: 2 - 5th round picks, & a 2nd round pick + Connor Brickley Canes are officially the Blackhawks south!!!
  9. Free Agency Frenzy or Fizzle

    What about Vanek for 1 year...1M base salary, & 1M in performances bonuses...Bonus could be 250K for 20 goals, 250K for 50 Points, 500K for playoffs. He had 17G, & 48P last year in 68 games.
  10. Free Agency Frenzy or Fizzle

    This actually make the Caps worse!!! They have 14 NHL players now signed for a whopping 65.7M. The have 2 RFAs still to sign then they still need another NHL D & 3 more NHL Forwards!!! Thats 6 players for a total of 9M...Cap issues are going to kill the Caps!!! Pun intended!!! They have overpaid, & over termed too many players!!! Mark my words this is the beginning of their downfall!!! Since the season ended, the Capitals have lost three of their six defensemen, and a winger each from two of their three scoring lines.
  11. Free Agency Frenzy or Fizzle

    Hope so...14 player / 62.5M = 4.5M avg per player...they have done it to themselves!!!
  12. Free Agency Frenzy or Fizzle

    Washington is so messed up right now, 14 nhl players signed, 3 RFAs still to sign plus other holes to fill. they need 4 forwards, 1 defenseman, & a back up goalie...with only 12.5M available. How about an offer sheet to KUZNETSOV even if they match if would further hamper any other moves!!!
  13. Free Agency Frenzy or Fizzle

    I'd offer Marleau 3 years 7M per right now..I'm sure SJ offering 2 years at 6M per
  14. Free Agency Frenzy or Fizzle

    Current picks don't have to be signed for a few years depending on where they play(juniors, College, or Europe) Canes have 8 UFAs that come off the books next year.
  15. Free Agency Frenzy or Fizzle

    2 contract spots left after they sign PDG...Wow! Tons of good prospects in the Canes system!!! Big Joe & Marleau 3 year deals for the last two spots right???? Get r done GMRF!!!