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  1. ”There are two things we’re considering,” said General Manager Jim Rutherford. “Do we get a top-four defenseman and take some pressure off Jamie McBain in his first full season at the NHL level, or do we leave McBain in the top four and go with someone in our third pairing? A lot of that decision will depend on who is available.” Looks like he decided to take some pressure off of McBain which is a good move. We have some guys like Borer who I would LOVE to see as that other defensive D-man. I trust Glen Wesley's ability to find and groom us a good defensive dman.
  2. Joe is familiar with the system for one thing. He can move the puck around and knows the team's tendacies already. He knows where Jokinen and Staal are going to be and he is dangerous as hell in the slot. I called this one when free agency started and am not dissappointed at all. I thought he did well for the Caps and got screwed out of a chance at a cup. He did way better and got farther with the Canes in the playoffs. Now if JR resigns Walker I will be a bit perturbed. I love Scotty, but he will find a home somewhere.
  3. Normally I don't want to lose anyone on the team this early but I am on board for anything at this point.
  4. I like Storm Chasers and would have also suggested Storm Trackers.
  5. Something tells me his teammates will steer him in the right direction. It more than likely comes down to that.
  6. I made a personalized shirt that I sometimes wear over my jersey. It has velcro on the back for creating smack talk sign for a particular game. I have had various signs on it including one that had a panther diving off a diving board.
  7. I became a Canes fan after the coaching change so I have nothing to say about the kind of coach he is. I'll give him a chance to prove himself despite what others are saying. But yes, 10 games.....the record should be something like 7-2-1 for me to be satisfied that he was the change needed. Anything below 500 will be unacceptable and proof that Lavi wasn't the main problem.
  8. I'll give him time to tweak the system as he said he would over the next few weeks. He doesn't want to change the pace immediatly, so we will see where that goes. THEN I will have an opinion whether I wanna get on the MO must go bandwagon.
  9. I've been planning for several months now to come down and see the two Canes games this weekend and I am sure as heck not gonna change those plans now. This may not be the change I expected, but it's a change and I am 100% supportive of as always. Gonna buy tickets at the box office day of game so save us some seats!
  10. I thought a change was necessary, and this wasn't exactly what I had hoped for, but unlike most of you, i'll give it time before I completely shoot down the idea. It also was just confirmed by JR that this is temporary to the end of the year. So don't look at this as the permanent solution unless it works.
  11. Staal just needs to stop carrying in the zone alone. I am not going to tell him not to shoot the puck. He needs the right people around him too. Lavi is still trying to find the right supporting cast. Wardo needs to stop worrying about who is number 1 and be number 1 for once. This back and forth stuff with the goalies is making them compete and not helping their confidence for some reason.
  12. This is what i've observed... Staal - Needs to stop trying to do it all. I am not telling him not to shoot. I am saying don't try and evade 2-3 defenders on your own. Use your teamates and goals will come. Samsanov - Needs one garbage goal and I think he's back on track. He might be worried his goal-less streak is coming back and it's affecting his confidence. It'll come Sammy, stop worrying. Wardo - Worried too much about being replaced by Leighton? Not sure but he still doesn't play like a number one goaltender. The D - better but giving the best oppurtunities to the best players on the other teams.(As Justin Williams said the other night) What happened to a D-man's job to shut down one guy. Why isn't Wesley passing on that experience? He always did well at shutting down or slowing down guys like Ovechkin and Crosby. I do see more guys going down anticipating the pass. Vintage Wesley. Laviolette - Does he still hold the team's respect? I have been wondering this for a while. And my usual opinion is - I like Pete, but it might be time to try something new. Then again, he is the most winningest American coach ever right? Can you let someone with that resume go? Probably not. I've seen the Canes.....similar lack of effort, similar issues for same players(no scoring, injuries etc) I think they need a reminder from the Caniac nation that their fans love them. They don't see it enough from being on the road.
  13. Whitney set up Staal perfectly 3 times and he just couldn't close the deal. If they move the puck like that I think the powerplay will get better and they will start going in the net. When the point men telegraph their shot then of course there will be traffic in the shooting lanes. I can predict when they are going to shoot, so i'm sure they can. I also think they need to put someone in the slot for a shot. That is the most dangerous spot on a powerplay because if they dont have an open shot, someone is collapsing on them and that leaves someone open near the net. I DO like how they are sending it down behind the net and then around to the point. It shifts the defense around and establishes zone presence. Better than the dump and chase they used last year that drove us crazy. Seidenberg has been impressive at taking clear shots on the point and he's been wide. So, I agree, spread it out wider but I also add the slot person.
  14. Well obviously you don't know how the contract system works but lets say that were possible. Out of the whole team, you want to send our All Star MVP and Con Smythe winner to the minors over everyone else? How bout we send Stormy down to the minors too and bring up the River Rat mascot? Oh wait I know....CUZ THAT'S RIDICULOUS!
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