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  1. The Canes acquired the rights to Hordichuk in June. That gave us exclusive negotiating rights with him until July 1 when he would become a UFA. He said publicly that he wanted to play in the West so he chose not to sign with the Canes. That made him a UFA officially on July 1 and he eventually signed with the Canucks.
  2. Why is Brindy getting a free pass? He was quite possibly the worst forward on the ice last night. I saw several turnovers, and one that he just about put on a tee in the slot for a shot on Cam...... Hedican was awful as well, but that's nothing new. Ward was great and fun to watch. Too bad it was all a waste.
  3. With this deal we now have 41.7M tied up in salaries for next year with 11F, 8D and 2G. We still need to find a 3rd line center and we have about 2.3M to spend up the self imposed 44M payroll. I am guessing that we will try to do some wheeling and dealing at the draft this weekend to maybe move some additional salary for picks and prospects so that we have enough to spend on the center that we need, and a defenseman. Either way, I am sure that there will be some interesting things going on over the next 2 weeks. Over all, I am glad to see that we got Scotty locked up. I think that we would have sorely missed his toughness on the ice.
  4. I was wondering the same thing about the number of Dmen that we will now have under contract. If nothing else, it seems like Tanabe will be the odd man out since we already have 8 under contract, and I was thinking that we might go after another in FA. We also still need to get Walker resigned (or find another 3rd line winger) and find a 3rd line center. By my calculations, we have about 8.25M to spend to the 44M mark that Karmanos eluded to. I am assuming that Wesley will get about 1M, and factoring in Walker's 2.5, that leaves us 4.75 to sign a center and Ward as an RFA, and possibly a Dman. That also leaves us with little to no depth at forward unless you bring up Aucoin, Gove or Bayda (who is also an RFA, I believe). My best guess is that we will try to unload a Dman or two. With his recent play in the Worlds, I think it is time to sell high on Hutchinson for a pick or prospect. At the very least it will free up some cap space and a roster spot for one of the holes that we have.
  5. I happen to like Frank, but after reading what DJ has posted I decided to do a little research myself. If you look at Frank's entire career, he has never played a full 82 game season (79 in 02-03). If you look at his stats, he has never scored more than 7 goals in a season. His point totals have always been between 15-30 for the year, except for last year when he posted 44. Even with 44 points from the blueline, he did not crack the top 20 in D-men in the league. So basically, Frank had one good year with us that was magnified by his GWG in game 7, as well as his overall performance in the playoffs last year (13 points, 3rd for dmen). Throw in the fact that we were hurting BADLY all year for defensemen and production from the blueline and maybe his value is inflated a little bit by the fanbase. He did have major surgery on the eve of training camp, so basically this season was a waste. This was also the first year of a new 4 year deal with the Hurricanes. I agree with some of the others who say we should give him the longer offseason to get healthy and ready for next year to start fully healthy. At that point we will be able to determine whether or not he is an offensive-minded defenseman who can pitch in on the stat sheet, or if he our new Oleg. Here are his career numbers in case you want to peruse for yourself: http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/players/1916/c...ZxtaW4jaeRivLYF
  6. I have no facts or evidence to back this up, but I believe that Whitney will sign with Edmonton in the offseason. He grew up as the stickboy for the organization, his dad is still involved with them, and they have the Smyth money available for a top free agent. I hope this doesn't happen, but who wouldn't want to sign a big FA deal with their hometown team?
  7. Tonight is a perfect example......the Canes are getting crushed by the Leafs in every facet of the game. They look awful from the goal out. Cam sucked in the first, the D has given up a ton of odd man rushes and the O has produced next to nothing. Not the effort that we needed tonight in order to try and pull even with TB and closer to ATL.
  8. Not to be a party pooper, but the Canes have shown these flashes of brilliance all year long. I will be impressed if/when we can string some wins together and be more consistent. We haven't won three in a row since the beginning of January. With that being said, I am pleased as punch at the way they are playing and I hope they can keep it up. Saturday night should be a good test against a good Western Conference team.
  9. According to the NHLPA, a player "loaned" to the ECHL still makes their AHL salary. Craig signed a one year deal with the Canes last summer, 450K in the bigs, 50k in the minors. http://www.carolinahurricanes.com/news/new...?articleid=1586
  10. Cole is in the first year of a 3 year deal, 4.0M per. I don't think that JR is done, but if you think about it, why would anyone want Letowski or Hutch? Better yet, what would they be willing to part with? If they haven't shown us anything I am sure that other teams don't see value in these guys. If JR can't find a dance partner I wouldn't be surprised to see him put someone on waivers. If someone claims them then that is some salary that we don't have to pay, but at the very least it will clear up a roster spot to re-activate Cole when he is ready to return. Cole at 60% healthy is better than Letowski or Hutch at 100% healthy. Best case scenario is to send one or both of these guys out West for a mid to late round pick before Tuesday night.
  11. Wow, they really gave up a lot to get him. Not to mention that ATL has 12 UFA's (13 now) this offseason. They are really putting all of their eggs in one basket for this year. He is exactly what they needed, but they are paying a steep price.
  12. Not sure how much Cam will get this offseason, but Ryan Miller got 3 years at about 2.7 per. He is having a much better year than Cam, so I would guess anywhere between 2.0-2.5 for 2 or 3 years.
  13. Great move by JR. I remember in 03-04 when Carter played for the Rangers/Caps/Kings. I am pretty sure that he scored against the Canes for all three teams. I don't know much about Columbus, but I am hoping the decline in his numbers there was due to them being awful, not diminishing skills. I think that he will fit in well in Carolina. We also still have a lot of D-men, so I wouldn't be surprised to see another move before Tuesday night.
  14. You payed a tiered price for your ten game plan, why wouldn't they continue that. Your same seats cost less per game for a 24-game plan holder and even less for a full STH. The team is rewarding it's loyal fans- those that spend more money get to save more money. What a novel business idea.... My main point was that no one here is ever happy. This team could hand out golden pucks at the gates, and people on these boards would still find a reason to complain.
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