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  1. I don't follow much around the league. I catch stuff here and there. Thought I saw Isles offered Tavares 8 years and 80 million and he still wasn't sure. If that's the case, you wonder if they'll listen in trade offers, especially if this is his last year. I know, it's a even way more of a long shot than Dutch, Skog or Mac... but it's certainly entertaining to think about.
  2. Oshies stock is rising more. That would be some Minnesota -esque summer plan similar to how they nabbed Parise and Suter, if the Canes can nab a top free agent winger and trade for a 1C. But we have the cap space, prospects, picks, and talent to do it.
  3. Good thoughts. Yeah, having that bona fide 1C would be nice. But without doing any research and nothing else coming to mind, can't think of who besides Colorado to deal with.
  4. If the Canes went after Oshie, you could look at a deal similar to Lucic's last year. Probably 7 year range at around 6 mil, give or take. Landeskog has 4 more years at about 6 mil, is younger than Oshie, knows Skinner and Murphy from Kitchener days, and now Rask and Lindholm. Also a little bigger. Price would be assets instead of just cash, so certainly trading away D and picks and prospects.
  5. Ugh... words can not even begin to describe the emptiness in every single Yankees fans stomachs and hearts. Mariano Rivera is truly one of the greatest players and human beings ever. You NEVER saw anything scandalous, or anything vulgar of offensive about or from Mo. Truly, one of the classiest men I've ever witnessed both on and off the field. His losses in the WS of 01, ALCS of 04 could of opened floodgates for other players, but he was classy, stayed defiant and positive outlooks. Tonights conference... heart wrenching, and difficult for any Yankee fan, or even baseball fan, to watch. I personally hope he doesn't retire like this. At his age, I know it's asking for a lot, but I really would want him to come back, and for him to finally say "Thank you New York, it's been a pleasure, and I'm staying home and enjoying my life and my family. Good bye." - Not "Hey Kansas City, how's it going?? Oh hey, fly ball, I got this one..." I don't want him coming back to save the Yankees, they need to figure things out and learn to win without Mo, and use the bullpen effectively anyway. I don't want him to come back so that he can continuously add more stats to the closer role then anyone else can for the next 20 years... I want Mo to come back so he can leave when he'd like, hopefully happy and accomplished and on his own terms. It could be sleep deprivation, could be the M&M Peanut high I'm on right now... but I will end my rant. Just pray/wish/hope (or whatever else you'd like to do) that Mo get's well enough to pitch again next year. Thank you, good night, go Bryce Harper and Matt Kemp. God/Allah/Buddha bless Mo.
  6. I know its' been a while, but I can always come to the #Unofficial Baseball Forums here at the Canes forum. Good to see a win from the new coach, and let's hope for the cities sakes, the Angels and Marlins produce some wins too... hopefully just not at the expense of the Yankees... and Rays/Red Sox.
  7. Miami has been having party after party with the free agents... Bell, Reyes, Buerhle, Ozzie... if they would of gotten Pujols, I think it would of been very good for Miami and baseball to see Marlins (hopefully) get fans coming again. How bout dem Yanks huh??? Haven't really made a move at all except for a few minor moves here and there.. Oh, BTW.... Bobby V?!?!? HAHAHAHAHA.... Still bitter over the Subway Series...
  8. Poor guy was concerned with his kid still "Find me son, wheres my son??"... Poor kid. Imagine how he'll feel now.. will probably never want to do anything with baseball again. Or it'll take a really long time.
  9. Let's just hope we see some of the Poni's that have been posted here... And not this one....
  10. I too am undecided. I like the signings. I don't know a thing about Poni, looking forward to seeing what he can do (instead of just youtube'ing him and seeing highlights, lowlights, etc.. and seeing how he meshes here).. I expect a trade in midseason for a winger, despite how we look. Anyway, hopefully this will be the year I can get a jersey.
  11. I still rummage around TSA... Excited for the Canes, of course, but I always have to check in the baseball thread... which, personally, is one of the longest, and most visited threads on the forum. Wouldn't you agree?? Ha! I don't follow the NL that much, unless its on SportsCenter. Also, renovating back to back bathrooms... HA, it's been fun so far.. repiped the entire house, gutted out my moldy bathrooms, except for the cast iron tub... I need to figure out how to remove the drain and whatnot, so I can just chuck it out to the curb instead of completely destroying it. Hmm.. (suggestions? lol) Either way, it's looking promising for the Yanks. CC, AJ in waves, Colon, Nova, HOPEFULLY Hughes... Garcia is iffy.. CC, Colon, Nova are my sure bets for a 5 game series... I really hope Hughes comes back strong so we could have a 4 man rotation if/when we get into a 7 game series. And Grandy, Arod, Gardner, Cano keep hitting.. Tex, Jeter, Martin, Swisher could use a little more work. Tex is smashing the balls out though.. Him and Grandy are our homers thankfully. Sox... wow. From deep rotation, to who knows. It'll get back to order in time for Sept.
  12. Eh, wait and see. People use to say the same and one Mr. "Dead" Weight. He did nothing for so long, etc etc, he was barely there in the playoffs... (just what I remember hearing, not my personal expression...) Either way, everyone contributes something. Tommy was always suppose to be the better of the two Kabs anyway.. but, I still would like to see a good replacement for Cole. If Stewart and/or Poni step up big time and really make some great contributions, kudos. I'm sure no one was expecting Skinner to do what he did last year. If not, like everyone else, trade for winger. And that's not a bad idea giving him #5... lots of old jerseys would be brought out.
  13. Still cant believe CC and Andrew McCutchen weren't selected to the All Star teams... what a crock.
  14. Couldn't believe when I saw it earlier. At this rate, I'm sure we'll have another lockout within the next 5 years, and the vicious cycle will continue.
  15. I had been a fan of the Canes off and on since 01-02. I played EA NHL 01, and picked the Canes since they were one of the lowest rated teams. (I use to enjoy watching the Devils because of Brodeur, Stevens, and they were one of the best) I slowly learned all the players, and started actually following the team online over the course of years. 03-04 is when I really became more of a hardcore fan, getting t-shirts, blankets, etc etc. I've been a hardcore fan, even justifying naming (possibly, were not 100% sure) on naming our next son Cameron mostly because of Cam Ward. (That's not bad... try explaining to your daughter that she was named after a video game character) ... The point I'm getting at is this - I wasn't around when the Whalers moved from Hartford and came to N.C. I couldn't even imagine what that would be like... of course you still enjoy some to most of your favorite players, but you're still *edit* off that the owners had to up and move your friggin' team! WTH??!?! I also realize that it could very happen to the Canes... again, in a way. Even with the Cup, 2 ECF appearances, the first major sports title earned in N.C., etc etc, there could still be a real possibility that the team is relocated again. To the Thrasher fans, you have my condolences, if thats the right word I'm looking for here. (hate when you're awake but not all there...) Should you choose to watch the Canes or (dare I say?!?) cheer for them, thank you for taking the time to come here and interacting with us (in a less hostile situation than in the past), and thank you for giving the Canes a chance to fill your hockey needs. Long and a little off track here and there, but, my 4 cents.
  16. Canes signed a depth player.. Justin Soryal... http://hurricanes.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=568292
  17. Personally, happy for Cole. I wish him the best, and glad he left the way he did. And I don't think TSA could of said it any better about Staal, Ward, and even now Skinner staying put with a team that has less of a chance of getting to Cup, or even if the playoffs alone, without more help. Hopefully, we get a good winger from someone via trade. You have to give up quality to get quality. If that means trading some of our top prospects, then so be it. Or, give the youngsters a chance to shine. If they don't, well, at least they tried. Can't keep them in the minors until they're 27 and expect them to know how to handle the NHL the first game they play there. Either way, hoping for the best. Just my two cents though.
  18. I think I was one of the only Yankee fans relieved when Lee didn't sign with them... granted, we could of really used him this year and next, but come on... 7 years??!? AJ CAN'T get any worse than last year, so here's looking up... CC will be be OK, expect a good 17+ wins... let the kids play... they might surprised you... Pettitte.... I think he'll return later in the season... long relief pitcher maybe, back up pitcher incase CC, AJ goes down... Soriano?? Kind of a surprise... glad they got him, for 35 mil though with 2 opt out clauses??? IDK.... This is Cashmoneys last year as GM... he wants a small market team, where the owners aren't completely in the business.. So, we'll see what happens this year... Too bad Tulowitzki was signed long term with the Rockies, would of loved to see him with the Yanks.. Adam Dunn as well, with his bat power and that short left field wall, he would of had probably 50 homers. Oh well,, here's hoping the Canes and Yanks win it all this year...
  19. The crocs I've seen before, and I've thought about it... but I know Walmart (I'm sure other more famous and more expensive brands as well) made a flip flop from the OP series with the words OCEAN on the left foot and PACIFIC on the right foot with red and black coloring... Looked Canes-ish, and with all that, who could lose them! (Darn my dog and his chewing for that one...) so I thought maybe there was a way to make something similar with Carolina on the left sole and Hurricanes on the right, just an idea... I've googled Carolina Hurricanes Christmas Decorations and Ornaments before, and I've seen most of those except for the except for the glass ball with the logo on it, and the hat looking thing... nice ornaments, thanks TSA. Lastly, that onesie looks great. We've found a couple, but thats one of the nicer ones. Thanks again.
  20. This may be in the wrong section, and if so, sorry guys.... but, is there any place to get any Hurricanes Christmas tree decorations, or other holiday decor? I was also thinking about clothing apparel as well.. I've thought of Hurricanes flip flops/sandals for my and/or me... other custom clothing as well.. Thanks for any input.
  21. Think again TSA. Greg Golson with a CANON for an arm that threw out Carl Crawford of all people. Wow... we pull one out tonight, I think it'll improve the Yanks morale. Only wish they didn't get swept by the Rangers, now they'll have that hanging over their heads..
  22. Online stream. I have basic cable, which doesn't need a cable box. I get Lightning and Panther games on FSN (I live in Florida, incase you didn't know). And yes, it would be very appreciative if they played the games at 2AM Finnish time so I could enjoy it at 7:30.... either that, or maybe VS show a replay later that night, even at 10pm or so... either way.
  23. 700-800?!? Ugh... that is out of my price range as well for a while... I'm still learning manual settings... I read a bunch on the D3000 and the D5000, but price was what seperated the two... the D3000 was on sale for 450 with the 18-55 lens, 2 gig card, case, and booklet... I know now, the SD card, booklet and case don't really mean much... I've learned how to control the lens manually... but as far as settings go, I'm still confused... I try doing the shutter speed, the aperture, the ISO settings... still confused. On the dial, I switch to portrait mode, and then manually focus in and out... if you can point me to a site where i could learn how to control the shutter speed and aperture on the same dial or wherever, would be greatly appreciated. Is there a big difference between a 50-200 and a 70-200?? And if so, is Tamron a good brand, or are there other brands that are just as good and inexpensive. Thanks.
  24. So... just making sure I have this correct... the games will be televised on VS... @ 12 noon??? Seriously? I saw that on the Canes schedule, and I thought it has to be incorrect or so.... is it 12 noon Finland time?? I'd love to watch the games, but I'm teaching at noon... And I don't have a cable box or a satellite, so I don't know if TiVo is an option without those....
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