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  1. and as for the 4-0 loss, if you havent noticed you do have to score goals to win a game and the goalie cant do it all by themselves, defense and offense has to help out a little. i love how people are so quick to blame grahame for a 4-0 loss but if was cam it would be oh you know we have to score goals to win so its not cam's fault, but its the exact opposite with grahame.....funny how that works
  2. i'm sorry but cam ward is not the superhero everyone thinks he is. grahame should be the starting goaluie, cam cannot carry the whole team a full season, hes not good enough and not experienced enough. he makes stupid mistakes and cant catch anything in his glove most of the time. grahame has been playin longer and knows when he should and shouldnt do stuff like comin out of the net and he can actually catch something in his glove. all in all if you look at statistics, grahame is a much better goalie and deserves to start s few games so all you cam ward lovers out there can see who the starting gloaie should be. and im sure you will all come back at me and say he got us through the playoffs, yes thats true but do u remeber the reason he even got to play during the playoffs.....oh thats right u probably dont....it was because grber ws extremely sick and dehydated and lost like 10 pounds in 2 weeks which is not healthy at all. so cam ward had to come in and help out and yes he didn great but gerber was the whole reason they even got there, def not cuz of cam. oh and another thing, grahame def kicks ward's @$$ in the shootout, in his career he has only let in 2 goals in a shootout and has not lost any.......compared to cam's that i dont even wanna think about. but yes i would go as far to say that grahame had to come in and save cam, can u imagine how many more he would have let in if he had played the whole game. and im not one to blame evetrything on the golaie there was maybe one that defense could have done a better job on, but all in all cam should have stoppe some of those, i guess its from him not bein ready and not payin attentyion. grahame can at least get his rebounds and u know help himself out a little by bein ready and all that good stuff a good goalie is supposed to do. but ive said my bit now and im done with this topic. im tired of bandwagoners......i dont know why i even come on here.
  3. haha ok so what happened last night?? not doin so great now huh? i mean 3 goals in less than 10 minutes so grahame has to come in and save him, once again........grahame should have started last night and we would have actually won...he better start on tues night or we will be lookin at another loss, but thats just my opinion, not a big fan of ward.
  4. ummm...i have never liked savard, even when he was with atalnta, just does a lot of unnecessary stuff on the ice that causes fights and stuff, even though i like to see the fights, savard just instigates a whole bunch, but he cant really fight and runs away so i guess he just like startin stuff, not a big fan of his at all, never have been and i know im not the only one......
  5. belanger did not impress me any at all. i think this was a good move since he apparently was not happy here. glad we have big joe back, he was always one of my favs. i say good ridance to belanger, sorry but he just was not as good i thouught he might be in the beginning.
  6. erik cole, john grahame and justin williams. i also like ladd and commodore a lot. lol i like all of them, cole has always been my favorite though.
  7. ok, if yall were real fans you would know that the same thing happened last year when they play at montreal. the game was only broadcast in french. its one game, deal with it. i cant stand the french language but just mute the tv and turn chuck on. its their primary language there so we realy cant say anything. but, it said on center ice the day before it was only in french and i had to deal with it last year.
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