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  1. while i was up in new york in march i got a patrick kane jersey at the nhl store
  2. thats really cool. what program do you use?
  3. http://shop.nhl.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2626897&cp=1919741.1920686.2558070&parentPage=family&clickid=body_bestsell_img' target="_blank">http://shop.nhl.com/product/index.jsp?prod...dy_bestsell_img[/post] there is the link to the nhl online store
  4. yeah it deffinately was i couldn't stop laughing
  5. two new ones one of Cam Ward and one of multiple people (the team) edit 5:30 i added a Tuomo Ruutu wallpaper as well edit 5:45 i just added a Wade Brookbank one
  6. i read the article on the pittsburgh site about this R.I.P. John Staal
  7. yeah when we were in raleigh for the canes-sabres game back in march and chad larose drove past us ================================================================= edit here is a photo of ray at the dancing with the stars off of kristi's official site its a picture of kristi and apolo but ray is in the background (from her official site) Fellow Olympians, Kristi and Apolo Ohno at the 100th DWTS Show Party he's in the back right just standing there lol
  8. here two bigger pictures of ray during the actual(sp?) performance show over to the right side of the picture i tried to get him as much as possible with out Brijet covering him
  9. i watched the show off of the abc.com site and when every they went and showed the crowd i just looked for ray. really i didn't see ray i saw bret and then i was like "if he is there he has got to be around here somewhere" and i just looked and then there he was and i just started print screening it. but the thing was if i paused it, it got smaller so i had to do it fast
  10. he was also at the results show and i have great pictures from it small big this was shown while he was talking to past contestants i can't remember what time period it was but during it he scratches his nose a lot and he talks to brijet at one point and then right before they went to commercial (i think) he is trying to look over the guy to see the camera its quite funny if i can find a video i will post it
  11. okay i just watched the dancing episode not the result and im pretty sure its him, but it may not be the pictures don't help at all but in the video it looks like him so if i can find a way to post the video i will but here is two pictures maybe ray? maybe ray? and (deffinately) bret okay here is a video check out 2:05-2:10 (not the best quality but looking for a better one) http://youtube.com/watch?v=qUww0n30okM check this one out too 1:10-1:18 what do y'all think??
  12. i just watched it but didn't tape it so i can't go back and see if it was him or not? when was it exactly (i mean what was happening at the time) so that when the full episode is up i can watch it? was it the result show or the performance show?
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