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  1. I was on the other end of the arean, so.... How exactly did that puck get it? Off the back of Ward? And yeah, I've felt all season that Staal is loafing. I wish it wasn't true.
  2. Thank goodness I dropped $140 for Center Ice! If you think about it, it is not a bad deal (Center Ice). Before I'd go to the bar to watch the game, which would cost $40 a trip. Much cheaper to enjoy the game at home!
  3. Based on a 4 day weekend party I had there in late April 2003, here is my opinion: Chances of rain are increased - rained 3 of 4 days. Water was bloody cold, plus the beach floor (under the waves) was cut up due to strong currents. I'd wait a bit longer than April.
  4. Being recently new to the board, and a somewhat recent mega-fan of hockey (Used to be a Kings fan back in the early 90s...), I may have a different view point than those who are "pre-cuppers". On one hand, I agree with the topic poster that the boards are convoluted, and not 100% on topic. Yet, I do not feel that this is 100% the users issue. There is a reason why there are moderators, and the mods are responsible for keeping threads on topic; for locking inappropriate topics; for warning/banning users based on inappropriate behaviour. Also, each forum should have a "sticky" thread at the top, which explains the "rules" and each forums "protocol" Also, longer term users should help direct the newbies to the appropriate thread. We should all rejoice when a new member participates because it is one of the few methods that the Fan has to recruit people to the great sport of hockey, and hopefully woo people to be Caniacs. I fail to see how ripping someone apart for being "ignorant" or just plain "new" helps the situation. Finally, this is a community board. As such, we must act as a community and help when need be. Some earlier posts have mentioned going to a different board that is for "pre-cuppers", etc. To me, this is an ignorant elitist way. Creating an elite group of Caniacs only segregates the fans more, thus makes the Caniac Nation weaker. In closing, most of us are Canes fans, and are thus used to being called names, stereotypes, etc., so instead of acting like a Sabre fan, act like a Caniac and help the new fans, don't call THEM names, etc.
  5. Statistics are like a bikini. They show you a lot, but not everything. IMO, lack of chemistry, injuries and a rotating defense.
  6. Thanks you for pointing out that the Chip & Chase is Lavi's coaching, and not just Tanabe's style. And to point out, I don't criticize because I have no skates to stand on. I just wonder why the coaches and Canes do certain things sometimes. Also, yes, I do prefer aggressive "defensive" defensemen. I believe that Canes are in need of brute strength that can intimidate and serve as protection for the smoother skaters (like Staal and Cole). As for Kaberle, I'll reserve any comment, as I have not seen much ice time for him. Later!
  7. No thank you. I don't think I could stand Edmonton fans saying that the Canes stole something else from Canada. First the Cup, and now Smyth, the prodigal son of Canada. Smyth to the Canes would be like Dale Earnhardt heading to the Canucks. It just won't happen.
  8. Anyone but Tripp, I say. Note to fans: If there is a controversial goal, and they phone the War Room in Toronto, the outcome will be the opposite of whatever Tripp thinks/says. "I just don't understand the 'kicking the puck' rule" - :roll:
  9. I think this could be summed up in one word. CHEMISTRY. Never felt it with Belanger, but I bet a spark will still be burning for an Old Cane coming home.
  10. Without having read all of the posts [and double-posts :wink:], I have not been impressed with Tanabe's play. Especially when I'm sitting near the ice. I understand that the Canes are/were light on the D-men, but to me, his stick play and tenacity is lacking. Too many times have I seen him out of position on Power Plays, plus I think he has a real hard time playing the blue-line and keeping the puck in the zone. As for getting the puck in the zone, he's always trying that bank shot off the boards and chase...he plays more like a winger than a d-man. Plus, he just doesn't appear to have the stones to be an aggressive D-man. The only time I've seen a lick of spark from him was when he was chewing out some Maple Leaf at the red-line one game. Man up, Tanabe! Show us what you got!
  11. Check out his right heel tonight. Last time I saw him, he had what looked like an entire roll of duct tape on his skate. IMO, something is up...
  12. From what I heard via two employees of the Canes was that this is true. Forsberg fell through. I also just heard that Blake from the Isles is on our radar now.
  13. Got more info... next in the trading crosshairs is Blake from the Isles. Also, to corraborate someone else on the boards, Forsberg was almost a done deal, but fell through.
  14. Trim Spa baby! Public Service Announcement: See what drugs, alcohol (too excess), diet pills and crash weight loss can do to you, kids?
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