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  1. I have also heard that our season ticket holder base this year is over 10,000 which is about the same as last year, when we hosted the All-Star game. However, as a STH'er for several years, I am getting frustrated with the price of tickets on other websites, such as Stubhub. Like Coastal, I enjoy the friends we have made through hockey, and other benefits that the organization provides STH'ers, but sometimes I wonder if the benefits are really worth the purchase of full season tickets. Of course, the discount tickets that are sold by the organization, along with discounted website tickets, does allow for me to take additional people to many of the games. These are often folks that normally wouldn't shell out $50-$85/ticket for a hockey game. If just one or two of those people then enjoy the game, and buy a season ticket package next year, I've added to the STH base. How nice it would be if the ownership would put a solid product on the ice each year! Was watching the 24/7 series on HBO the other night with the Flyers and Rangers. The narrator mentioned that the Flyers have made the playoffs 12 of the past 13 years. They have no problems filling their seats! This organization will continue to rely on a medium STH base and filling the remaining seats with folks that can get their hands on discount tickets. The worse the product on the ice, the bigger the discounts get. And yes, the STH'ers will continue to suffer.
  2. Been a STH since 2002 and been following these boards for the past several years. Transplanted Yankee hockey fan from Pa. where I used to watch the AHL Hershey Bears light up the ice! There have been many times that I have wanted to comment, but never have....so what better time to start as there's lots to talk about. Hope you all will be gentle to me, for awhile anyway.
  3. "Take Care" is R&B Artist Drake's new CD, which was released today. Drake is from Canada, as is Stewart. Only reason I know this is because I was thinking the same...bye bye Stewart...until my 14-year old daughter corrected me! Guess that's what I get for trying to be Twitter-savy! First post!
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