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  1. Im bumping this because i need more ppl !!! =) and i kno atleast someone would like to play. Just PM me ur email address!!!
  2. Im IN!!!! I LOVE MARCH MADNESS!!! =P =P =P :mrgreen:
  3. Thanks for the compliments! If anyone wants a certain picture for their background, i can do all the way up to 32 inch monitors in high resolution. I go to alot of the practices so if anyone wants a particular shot or image resized, just lemme know =)
  4. What a game! 2 points for us, thank god. I coulda done without the Isles/Leafs AND Thrashers/Lighting game BOTH GOING INTO OT!!! But atleast we got the 2 points! I sit in 230 and the Brind'Amour hit at the end of the third looked a little knee to knee, but my eyes werent focused directly on him. All i kno is that he was MAD, and Brindy isnt a whiner. I hope we destroy Atalanta on Saturday.. Great game, go CANES! PS: Anyone see the Buffalo/Senator brawl? HOLY SMOKES.. They have the video on ESPN, Ray Emery beat the snot outta Biron! They shoulda just turned out the lights... hehe, anyone remember that one? WOOO! =)
  5. OH man im so ready for this game, i cant even sleep. We have the Thrashers number, always have. Were 4-0-1 against them this season, i think the Canes will continue to dominate them. Score: Hurricanes - 4 Thrashers - 2 Goalscorers: Canes: -Staal -Whitney -Brind'Amour -Commodore, yep Commodore, i see one of his patented "throw it at the net" wrist shots getting thru! Just a huntch =P Thrashers: -Hossa -Kozlov GO CANES!!!!!!!
  6. Good post, i have 07 for 360, but i like ur suggestions. Im not sure if its just my team, but anytime im taking a faceoff right outside the zone, 1 or 2 guys just bolt to the net, causing me to go offside after i win the draw. Thats quite annoying. I never really get to set it up on a PP either.. not sure why that is. I think the bang bang type plays should come into play a bit more.. its awfully hard to one time it in on a 2 on 1. Its pretty darn realistic for the most part. :mrgreen:
  7. Awesome pads Legend!!! I have a set as well, but they are too small now. I have been playing alot lately, workin on my one timers, slapshots, saucer passes. I love the sport so much, i could play, watch hockey all day. Legend how much did those pads run u? Im lookin for a new set and a glove. PM me if u need to!
  8. Yea, Erik is a HUGE part of our offense. We may be able to win games without him, but we are sure as hell more likely to win them WITH him. Sucka.. i got Coles autograph during the Cup last year, i walked outta the bathroom and he was coming out near the lower level. :lol: :mrgreen:
  9. Wow, havent looked at the end of the schedule lately.. could be tight. Holmqvist has been SOLID for them.. but i honestly dont think itll last.. as far as Atlanta, they gotta tough 4 games ahead of them. Calgary, Us twice, Tampa Bay. It would be great if we could gain some ground on them... Id be extremely happy if they took the division. It starts tomorro nite! :mrgreen:
  10. i saw that on tv last week or whenver it was, i thought that was a really cool stat! Yea i cant remember where i saw it! I have Center Ice, so it could have been FSN, could have been any teams network for that matter! They were talking about the Avery trade.. i dunno =P
  11. Andrew Ladd is going to be one of the well known hitting/checking players in the league, he knows how to play the body, and the puck! He was up for hit of the year in the first half of the season. I really hope that rumor isnt true.. about sending him in a package for Forsberg. We dont NEED Forsberg! We already have the best captain in the game! By the way, Andrew Ladd has the same exact birth date and year as me =P were practically brothers! :mrgreen:
  12. I HATE to see Cole hurt, again! He is such an important spark on our offense.. and did u know that he is 2nd in the NHL for penalties drawn... lil tid bit for ya =) Sean Avery is 1st, who just went to the Rangers. Hope to see Cole back soon!
  13. Alright! Its not too often u see any ONE of the Canes making headlines.. minus the exception of all the Stanley Cup aftermath. Thats what i love about our team, 5-6 guys who can score 20+ a year, and two solid goaltenders. Ray deserves all the credit he recieves! :mrgreen:
  14. I will be there! 230C! PS: Their is a girl who sits one level above us, who always screams "REV U SUCK!!" Who are u? =) U rock =) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  15. Should be a good game, lookin foward to it! Been a while since the last home game. The Kings play tough on D, so should be a physical battle. Especially with Rob Blake, Tverdovsky, and Jason Ward. Garon and Burke are the prospects for goalies, Cloutier still on IR. I am going to say Canes - 4 (Staal, Brind'Amour, Williams, Whitney) Kings - 2 (Frolov, Kopitar, 2 Assists from Armstrong) 4th goal, empty net, Brind'Amour.
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