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  1. Well I will certainly be help fill the stands on Friday, I am coming down from Va to see the game
  2. Yea I think you are right, I actually read the Center Ice Schedule wrong. On the direct tv page they have not updated to this years yet, so I was reading last years
  3. Sorry man, but unless something changes the opener is not on Center Ice
  4. This is great, I already got Center Ice on Direct TV, but they are not showing preseason or the home opener.
  5. I will be there bright and early at 8 am, see you guys there
  6. They will stop making games for PS2 in a year or so, you have to remember that 360 is older then ps3.
  7. I agree, I am not a STH, but even I see that the STH should get there seats because they are there seats. I got it, why dont we just not let the STH's get there seats for opening day because they have the rest of the year to enjoy those seats. Dude, you are getting a free ticket, enjoy it, but stop complaining. I for one plan on being one of the first in line so I know that I will still get a decent ticket.
  8. Same here, although I am only looking for one ticket
  9. Do the Mini-Plan ticket holders get seats or do they have to get the freebies? Just wondering because right now I am not going to be a season ticket holder.
  10. Get back to ECU, Try getting back to Virginia Tech the next morning for a 8am, oh yea cant wait.
  11. When is the carnival this year, I missed it last year because I couldnt get off of work and dont want to miss it this year
  12. Crabtree is not that far away, I mean sure it is not within walking distance but it is about a three minute drive once you hit Edward Mills road.
  13. Sorry to hear that man, like someone said, who would do something like that. On another note, if this had happened during Tuesday game the description would have matched me almost perfectly
  14. My advice would to be stop listening to me and coach the team to a few wins
  15. So getting one of the press ons done at the game is not a good idea?
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