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  1. Leighton has been doing pretty well. The first game was a little shaky, but game number 2 was excellent. Im not sure how that one goal went in, but it did. other than that hes been pretty solid.
  2. If the 'Canes kill off NYI PP's, then they should have a good game.
  3. Schilling wont so to well, im happy to say. (me being a cardinal fan and all) sox, guess your just gonna have to wait another 97 years, when the 200th WS comes around
  4. Nice story... Just one question. Why not the Leafs? I mean it wasn't like a Canes Vs. Canes was it? The Leafs were still there, and it was there home rink. I just think its kind of strange
  5. Maybe after this game Gerber will wish he hadn't left. Maybe. I'm not really feeling it today, so i dont think they will win.
  6. I found more irony!! If the Sens win the series, then gerber will have the sc 2 times in a row, with different teams. The last player to do that was Cory Stillman last year.
  7. Eastern Conference: OTT over BUF (6) Western Conference: DET over ANA (7)
  8. I am! I want cullen to do well and be the 3rd player to win back to back SC with did teams. And i want Kevin Weeks to get a SC win too.
  9. Eastern Conference NJ over OTT(6) BUF over NYR(5) Western Conference SJ over DET(7) VAN over ANA
  10. Actually its Irbe says no. Don't you remember anything from 01-02?Thanks for nothin canes. No im just kidding. Thanks everybody for getting injured. Im kiding again! Thank for a great season... sort of. Thanks for an entertaining season! Thank everyone associated with the canes!
  11. If you kicked your dogs, you wouldnt be in the greatest of shape. (hospital)
  12. I hope tampa wins, because, as much as i hate tampa, i hate atlanta even more. :evil: :evil:
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