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  1. Ladd is a great player, he has been doing better lately, next season he should get 20 goals. Gleason is also a great defensemen. He blocks shots and wins fights, thats enough help right there. I wish Babchuk wasn't sent down to the minors, he was really good also, just needs to check more people.
  2. The Flyers have been doing better in the last ten games, they still pose as a challenge. As long as we play a defensive game, we should win. I wonder if Grahame or Ward is going to play.
  3. I think is his offseason is mostly due to the fact that he's getting married soon, and goalies usually tend to play better when Eric Staal tries to get a goal.
  4. Grahame is an excellent goalie, just everytime we play him our defense sucks. Tanabe is still a maturing defensemen, and without him ( 2 assists), Carolina would be losing to Los Angeles right now.
  5. Belanger was so much better, he is 20th in the nhl for faceoffs (53%), he was a very valuable player. If he had more time on the ice, I'm positive he would have scored.
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