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  1. I hope Johnny goes on a win streak that turns everyones head. I know im one of the few, but I liked the guy and hope as an american goalie he can fing his touch again.
  2. I like Tripp and Stormy and don't want to trade them!!!!!
  3. Did anyone just see that save by that French guy? BTW I dont like the french.
  4. Im not going anywhere and thanks again.
  5. Try some "Carolina Stump Hole" and you would understand!
  6. They aint dropped the puck yet.
  7. I love all this kindness from the PENS fans and they should be treated with the same respect if you happen to stroll across thier boards. Good luck PENS but, I AINT changing my views on Orpik!!
  8. Shoot me a PM if I can help.
  9. redwind661


    I hope so. When he played in San Jose he had a harpoon in the shark tank.
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