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  1. Sorry I didn't know it had already been discussed. Yeah it is their right to leave whenever they want but then those same people wonder why they don't get respect as hockey fans and that is what really annoys me.
  2. Yeah that assist stat seems strangely low. He is definitely a team player though and leads the league in short handed goals which are usually produced by a single persons play. But it will be interesting to see how that stat evolves as time passes.
  3. What possibly makes you think that?
  4. Staal has been basically worthless this year but if we did get Sakic it would make my year if Vasicek was sent packing cause he is the most overhyped player ever. He is absolutely worthless its unbelievable. But basically if we got sakic we would be in the same position as Nashville where there would be 1a 1b 1c so basically irrelevant. Just hope Vasicek is gone as soon as possible. Either way getting Sakic would be awesome cause I would love to see him play.
  5. I don't know what games you have been watching but Sakic wouldnt be a third liner on any team in the NHL. He is a beast and if we got him he would be our best player. He is always in the right place, has a nasty wrister, and makes everyone he plays with better.
  6. I don't know what everyone is thinking when they say Larose and Adams just need to shoot it whenever they get it cause Joe will be at the net cause Joe doesn't understand that concept. I refer to Vasicek as the king of no-man's land cause he is the master of coasting by the net and rarely thinking of stopping. I wish he would plant himself infront of the net but he just won't cause he is a panzy. It's the same reason he didn't do anything against the Kings when he got punched in the face and then somehow got a roughing penalty. All he did was take it and then slowly skate to the box without saying anything. And everytime he checks it looks like he is in a no checking league or something cause he hesitates everytime and just taps the guy. The guy has no guts and I would have rather gotten a bag of pucks instead of getting back a guy who was scratched for Game 7 of the finals cause if he wasn't we probably would have Lost.
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