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  1. agreed! sammy is great. i love his puck handling and a +6 is great too. keep em here =]
  2. I agree with KernersvilleCaniac.. I would rather that it was like this than have us be beat around so much. We need to prove that we aren't a bunch of sissies... and I cant say i mind having a ton of fights
  3. RW-TheWizard-13


    where is that in Cary?? Isn't it over by park place movie theatre? and the food lion, wendys, bear rock, ect. I think it is. ) anyways...my favorite is Smithfields. =]
  4. Sure does get confusing. And know what else can be confusing. The inner and outer beltline. Do I want inner or do I want outer, who knows cause I don't know where either one takes me...HAHA. When I first moved here we lived in Cary and my mom and I went to Crabtree, let's just say we got so lost coming home cause we got on the wrong beltline. And whenever we have guests come to town they'll ask should I take the inner or outer, um yeah your asking the wrong person. Ok straying off topic, but i'll add to keep on topic: Some already know, but I saw the Wizard at a restaurant right before Christmas. And no I didn't interrupt him and talk to him. I just smiled and kept on walking. He smiled back. And that was my glory cause I can now say Ray Whitney smiled at me oh my gosh. what restaaurant? haha. jk =]
  5. hahaha. i've never heard that one either very good
  6. haha oh yeah... My dad was walking out of the Urgent Care with my brother and ran into Bret Hedican and...someone else... I forget who it was :x but he recognized them right away. They were so nice, and signed my brothers cast and all. We kept the cast My brother works at the grocery, too and he saw Laviolette drive by... but I have never seen the players doing ''ordinary'' things, that you dont even expect them to do.
  7. Agreed on both points. yup i agree too. plus...if we beat them??? that would just be awesome =] It would be a challenge...but we would have so much momentum for the next rounds from winning...
  8. haha =] and yes. vow taken! we believe lets go canes! thanks, irish!
  9. yeah rosie! aww i'm so proud of him. he needs this attention =]
  10. Since we had to trade in for crappy seats to the Washington game, I would not be happy to hear that they decided to add a game at this late date. Next year though they need to fix it. The ticket rep I spoke to admitted that they knew this was a problem, esp. since something happened in the post-finals season of 2002. yup, were having this exact same problem. We had to trade in tickets for the capitals game, but there are no seats left. =[ standing room onlyyy....
  11. "i have a fever, and the only perscription is more cow bell"
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