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  1. What happened to this forum since I left? I feel stupid for not being able to use this. Marcus! Teach me! Anyway, I just thought it was worth noting that half of the players on the Bears are new this season. I felt it necessary to defend my team, and that's all I could come up with. I'd also like to point out that nobody wished me a happy birthday, and I will continue to be bitter about that. (heh, I crack myself up.) That is all. ....now if I can just find the post button.....
  2. Well, I think the Avs can beat Vancouver tonight. Doesn't San Jose have a pretty decent record against the Flames? I never paid much attention to that until...umm....today. I think they've won more games than they've lost against Calgary. I think. I hope.
  3. *sigh* I never thought I'd say this, but COME ON VANCOUVER!!!! WIN A GAME! On a positive note, the Avs beat the Wild. I didn't expect that. Linkage: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=202316&hubname=nhl And I forgot the April 8th game on my predictions. TSN didn't have that game on their schedules. I totally will have a heart attack during that game if the Avs are still in the hunt. Oh, and Irish, you can just call me 'Sexy'. Kidding, of course.
  4. Poutine is worth a mention. :wink: I've only ever played lacrosse a few times, but I have played it on horseback. The noticable differences are that the nets are round and the ball is soft. A bit different tactics as well....bouncing to pass is a good idea, and avoiding falling off is also a good tactic.
  5. Apparently the players didn't get my memo. They just threw a wrench in my plan. They're still not out though, still not out. Keep the faith!!
  6. Ok, so Colorado currently has 85 points and Calgary has 90. Neither team has a game in hand. I've figured it all out. This is what's going to happen, and you can quote me on it when it does. (It is worth noting for anyone who doesn't know, I am an Avs fan. I'm keeping the faith.) 3/26: Calgary at Minnesota - The Wild will win this one, Flames stay at 90 points. Vancouver at Colorado - Not in our house! Theo will earn his 5.5 mil salary *cough* Avs win, 87 points. 3/29 Calgary at Minnesota - The Wild will save us once again, and crush the Flames. Calgary stays at 90 points. Colorado at Phoenix - Avs win, 89 points. Oh so close! 3/31 Minnesota at Colorado - (bleep) you Wild, you'll probably win this one. Avs stay at 89 points. Calgary at Vancouver - Well, the Flames can't lose them all. 92 points. 4/3 D-Day. Colorado at Calgary - Put the red away, the Avs are painting the arena with a win. Avs at 91 points, Flames at 92 points. I'll be in the hospital with a heart issues after this nail-biter. 4/5 Colorado at Vancouver - OT win. 93 points. Wooo! Calgary at San Jose - Sharks get burned. 94 points. 4/7 Avs fans discover there is a God. And he's an Avs fan. Nashville at Colorado - Somehow, in some way, Avs win. 95 points. Edmonton at Calgary - I'll be yelling the same thing I did last year when the Bears were playing the Pirates in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals....(directed to Penner, Getzlaf, and Perry) "How 'bout them Oilers?!!!". 94 points. I realize I'm nuts. It's okay, I'm a hockey fan.
  7. I hope you don't mind my snooping, but your photo albums were neat. I especially like this picture: I'm sorry, I just had to share. ) (I meant to post this in the Caps/Canes thread...oops!)
  8. Hmm....let's see if I can remember them all without looking. Hershey Bears 04-05 3rd jersey - Arsene Hershey Bears 05-06 3rd jersey - Fleischmann Hershey Bears 06-07 home jersey - Fehr Hershey Bears 06-07 away jersey - Bourque Pink Avs blank jersey Avs home jersey - Sauve Avs 3rd jersey - Sakic Avs away jersey - blank Nords home jersey - Sakic Nords away jersey - Sakic
  9. I think you need the newest java plugin. I could be wrong though. Nobody's in there! I can't sleep, apparently I'm the only one.
  10. Hmmm...Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Walken, William Shatner...I could go on. "I'm tired of these m-f-in' snakes on this m-f-in' plane!" And Ace of Cakes is funny. I like the guy with the dry sense of humor...I think his name is Geoff (dark hair).
  11. penut butter and chocalate are really good cookies anyway. By chance are you same person from the old boards? Oh, ok so Samoas are my favorite and I didn't even know.... As for the question...I'll answer it with a question...does anyone else have sexy pads? 8)
  12. Get well, Marcus. You've got to get as much rest as possible or else it will worsen. We'll send you some leafy cookies. ....but I'm not baking them. :wink: We can moderate ourselves. *pushes Gipper off a cliff*
  13. What are Samoas? They weren't on the list on the girl scout order form in my office's kitchenette. The really fattening peanut butter chocolate ones are the best. Hands down.
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