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  1. If you aint first...your last.
  2. Caniac97. We know you are a fan, We know you are a season ticket holder, we know you reportedly been a fan since Hartford days. But I have never, never seen a positive post from you. You have put down JR, complained about every player we got, every player we got rid of, called for coaches heads then complained when we got rid of them. I get it, we get it. You have your opinion. We know what it is. You are not happy with anything. If the Canes won the cup you would have been mad that it was not by 10 goals each game and that the team did not come to your house and cut your lawn. Have your opinion. We know what it is. But how about keeping it to your self sometimes. MO did great for this team in the past. He fell off in his last year or two. That is why JR got rid of him. He went to Toronto to an impossible team. Last time I checked there have been some amazing coaches in Toronto and none of them have won. That is great that you, as a season ticket holder, got to meet him. We know we know you are a season ticket holder. But how about saying something postitive for a heck of a job he did this year turning around a team with no identity, no heart, no passion, and going no where. Is he the dream coach that we all wanted. Probabaly not. But he did a great job, deserves the contract, and he is ours now. Stop dumping on everything. It gets old. Again, who do you want in his place? There is no one is there.
  3. Funny, the guy comes in and takes a team heading to the bottom of the conference to the eastern conf championship and people complain about him. Get over yourself people. He did a hell of a job turning the team around. They went a lot further than any of us expected so why would you not give him a contract. Beside who are you going to bring in? Dont like it? Dont watch? We have enough fair weather fans.
  4. Let's go Bearcats......clap clap clap clap clap........Let's go Bearcats.
  5. Very funny DJ. Very true. I am sure some will argue their point but they cam not argue the words. I feel bad for JR. He can not win. He trades someone....he is an idiot. He gets them back...je is an idiot. He trades away a player for someone else...he is an idiot. He does not make any trades...he is an idiot. I think this was part of a master plan (joking) to get Pit and then get Cole back. We are not the only team to recycle players as some say. A lot of teams bring back role players and players that fit the system. Good Job JR. I LIKE IT.
  6. From.....it might have been. I just saw the shower of beer rain down and hit the Sabre player (and ref). I thought it was deserving either way.
  7. SabreFan, let me say this. About JIm, I know he played there. But most of the fans did not. That is what added to it being funny. First, let me say that the Sabre fans are the most loyal and proud fans (all BUffalo teams). They support their team win or lose. They go to games win or lose. They don;t constantly complain about players and not producing and firing the coach or the GM or whatever. They love their team, they are not affraid to show it. They yell, scream, shout, and waive their colors. I will say that seeing that some complain on this board to ship all the players and staff out of town the second we lose two in a row that it never happends in Buffalo. BUffalo has never won but they still support and sell out their building. If the Canes never win again there will be no one at the games. I love the Canes, they are my team. But you have to give credit where credit is due. Buffalo fans are more loyal and supportive. I don't see car loads of people from Raleigh heading up to Buffalo for a game. When I pulled into the parking lot last night all I saw was Sabres fans tailgating. I think the Canes fans are taking lessons from Carolina Tar Heel fans. Wine and cheese. Unfortunately, that long ride down affords Sabre fans the opportunity to drink (alot). Which they then embarrass themselves at the games.
  8. I was at the game so I did not see the replay. MY brother told me that John and Tripp had to slow it down to super slow mo to even see the elbow happen. So to call it cheap is "crazy". Nice post TSA. Thanks.
  9. Rupp.......me too. Jim is one of my favorites. But I was not as upset about it until I saw the faces on the Sabres fans. That just made me laugh.
  10. IAMA, I agree, I am sure there will be some fireworks in the later game. And yes they did put him in the box. But there was time, in my opinion.
  11. DP, as I said I usually do not like that. And I do not condone it. But I am just reffering to someone standing up for Rod. I agree that it shold not have been done. Thanks IceFrog, I can always count on you to have an excuse for someone. I was there and I did not think Rod's hit was dirty or intentional. THAT is why he did not get a penalty. Under that fact, they should have stomped Rod's butt if he hit him dirty and no penalty was called. No one did anything. Kaleta's hit was cheap, dirty, and we are lucky that Rod was able to stay on the ice and is not done for the season.
  12. A couple other things that were funny was they kept showing a banana getting smashed by someones hand, the banana singing "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" (go to Youtube for that), that Obama offer Buffalo to Canada but they refused, and the one that got the BUffalo fans P.O'd around me was when they shoed BUffalo BIll and Buffalo hero Jim Kelly saying something to the fact that there is only one team for him and it is the Canes. Some of the BUffalo fans were in shock, and some said "bad words" toward Jim Kelly. NOw that was funny!
  13. For those of your that are great with graphics and computers, I would love to see what our jerseys would look like without the squares on the bottom. Maybe all black at the bottom. Plain but bold.
  14. Oh....one last one. Grow up people. Booing Mo when he is announced at the games is getting old. He is your coach. Support it. I am sure the guys get up to play for you sour pusses hearing you boo who they are supposed to listen to.
  15. The sky is falling the sky is falling. How dare all other teams in the NHL play better than us and not let us win every game. I want a cup every year. I deserve it as a fan. Fire JR. PK sell the team. Roddy go sit on a rocking chair. Eric give up your salary and go back to your parents farm. Foreign players go back to your countries. Cam, Cam, Cam, you suck. Let's see what else can I complain about becasue now I am spoiled becasue the team has only been here 11 years and I am a spoiled rotten fan base that throws everyone under the bus the second everything goes sour. You know, I grew up a die hard Sabres fan. I moved down here when the team did and began watching them in Greensboro. ANd over time I gave up my beloved Sagres to become a crazed Caniac. I Have everthing Canes and have learned to hate the Sabres. I am embarrassed to see the drunken loud mouth fans that come to the RBC from BUffalo and make a joke of the great fan base Buffalo has. But one thing that is different in Buffalo. No matter win, or lose, year after year, the fans stick behind that team no matter what. They have never won a cup and they still each year sell out the building game after game. They cheer and they support. But here, we demand to win. We are spoiled becasue we went one year and then we won one year. Give it a rest people. Ask Hartford what they would be doing. They never got a cup. I am sure they would be pleased with our team and would love to have our problems. I too get frustrated with them not playing to their potential. They are better then the way they play. But firing everyone on the first set they loose is not the end. We might go till we are all dead and never see another Stanley Cup. Get used to that. That does not mean PK needs to sell the team or they need to leave Raleigh. That is professional sports. That is Hockey. I was at the game last night and it was like a morge in there. I could hear conversations on the ice and I was in the third level. What happen to the noise. What happen to the loudest house in the NHL. Sure they have not given you a lot to cheer for, but maybe you have not cheered to give the players a lot to play for. Stick with your team. Win or lose. And stop being spoiled rotten brats. I want my way I want my way.
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