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  1. Ever thought about who are the "common elements" throughout years of frustration, broken promises and frequent futility??? That's right Jim & Pete! Come on they think we are rubes that will swallow their BS/
  2. I am a FORMER 16 year STH. I promised my self this past summer that the first day they went on strike was the day I was going to ask for a refund -- which I did. I'm not trying to incite a riot but I am very curious about one thing. At this point why would any STH still have "money in the pot"? Do they really deserve to have anybody's money in their pockets at this point???
  3. I completely undestand your position. You paid good money based on the promise of quality entertainment. In today's world it is very difficult to justify wasting any kind of money. I am in a similar situation having full season tkts. However I am trying to sell as many tkts as I can to at least recoup some of my money and I have decided to end my 14 year run of having season tkts -- I will not renew next year. I just don't see this team being run any different as long the current ownership and management are in place.
  4. As I said three weeks earlier and with all due respect to the detractors that commented on this thread, this is the only way management and owners are going to listen. We have wasted another three weeks of effort, time and only increased the frustration and anger of fans. Again, Just Don't Go.
  5. How about 14 years of support from Game #1 and over $100K worth of STH support -- that enough "manning up" and being a real fan for you?
  6. First response is -- let them go! Do you really believe that their loyalty and best interests are for Raleigh. They really don't care as long as they make money -- hence we got the "priviledge" of getting the Harford Whalers. Ask Hartford how departurre of the Whalers made their city any less spectacular or unihabitable. When you pay the kind of money you pay to go to a hoceky game you expect and deserve to see a certain level of professional quality, committemnt on the ice and a management effort that provides a quid pro quo for their customer. Don't get me wrong -- I enjoy watching hockey and am a real fan. I just don't like being duped into believing this is the best we can do because we are a "small market" team. I think the real answer is that the managemenet and ownership of this team is "small minded".
  7. Plain and simple. The only way for change and to get the attention of management is to impact them financially. Don't go to any more games until some significant changes are made to this team. We can't have a Stanley Cup team every year. However we DO deserve a quality product that is exciting and entertainting to watch. And "small market" team doesn't cut for me. If we can't have a quality product on the ice then don't have hockey teams in "small markets".
  8. Staal should NOT be considered as an All Star. He has not earned that title and for him to even be considered for this year's team is a disrespect to the NHL and to the REAL stars of the league. Don't be a "homer" and vote for this pretender.
  9. I agree with you dj. We need a fresh start and "new system" and to bring in Jeff Daniels (who I know has had success with the Checkers) means more of the same. Surprisingly I don't hear many people mention Dave Lewis who certainly has the credentials and experience to run a competent team and be a leader. Is that the reason JR brought him in as a possible "next in line"? Yet the real question is will JR give a new coach the leeway and respect to run the team in a way that will create success? Likely not as JR wants it done a certain way and MO has bascially been his yes man. Finally there is one other comment. I don't buy the BS that keeps being fed -- we are a small market team and we can only have mediocre talent because that is all we can afford. Like many on this board I don't expect a Stanley Cup every two years nor do I expect a deep playoff run every year. However as a paying customer I do expect a quality product of the ice. That means committed players and coaches who aren't simply skating because its their shift; real effort every game and a level of consistency in executing a game plan. Not asking too much am I???
  10. It not only often leaves us in the dark but also usually leaves us out of the playoffs.
  11. Hey after tonight's game only 4 MO consecutive losses and JR will take this seriously. SERIOUSLY??? Even Keith Jones announcing the game said he didn't see much difference in the energy and play following yesterdays "tough" talk to the team. And they couldn't get Ward off of the ice when they needed to.
  12. If Chip Alexander is correct in his blog, and I have no reason to believe he is not, Karmanos and Rutherford show incredible arrogance, lack of understanding of what the "real world" situation is and offer a slap in the face to the fan base of this team. After 14 years of supporting this team and literally spending nearly $100K in season tickets over those years, I AM DONE!!!
  13. Good luck to the new investors -- I really hope you did the full dillengence and understand what you have gotten yourselves into. This is a team whose upper manaagement will not do the necessary actions to keep a quality, consistent product in front of its fans. But then it has always been said that "theres a sucker born every minute".
  14. How many times are we willing to hear the same old same old??? After every game, regardless if its the "Aftermath" on radio or the next day in the N&O we keep getting fed the same broken record -- "we played a great 20 or 40 mintues of hockey"; our defensive positioning was poor; we need to keep up the energy level; we need to go to the "dark areas"; we need to support Staal with different wings to get him more involved; and you all know the rest of the BS they feed us. So my question is: WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH?? HOW MUCH LONGER ARE YOU WILLING TO ATTEND GAMES AND SUPPORT OWNERSHIP AND A COACH THAT JUST SIMPLY WANT YOUR MONEY WITHOU PUTTING A VIABLE PRODCUT ON THE ICE?? For those of you who continue to look at everything through the rose colored glasses keep enjoying being suckered. For those of us who have been with this team for 14 years many of us are more than frustrated. You are going to lose more fans and that maybe ok with you Messrs. Rutherford and Karmanos. So if that happens you simply pull another "Hartford". But there are many fans who hold you accountable for the poor performance and the blind loyalty that you demonstrate at the expense of your team and fans.
  15. Has anyone else noticed that the "gifts" the Canes have been giving to STHs and for other promotional giveawayes in general all come with the "Made in China" tag? First of all in the middle of a recession how about finding something that is either made in the US or Canada if we really want to be faithful to the roots and fan base of hockey. Second for people that spend nearly $5,000 a year for "premium" seats do you think 1 (one) 100% acrylic scarf is a sincere showing of thanks given the inconsistent level of performance we have to see every game?
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