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  1. has anyone ever watched it outside the rbc center? i'm thinking about doing it this saturday (don't have a ticket <_< ) is there just one screen or are their several?
  2. i have been for the past two years, i'm 17 now and i have been able to get in, but both of my parents were going in with me.
  3. thanks guys i believe sutter will be on this one, and the place is only like..15 minutes from my house so i thought i'd try and go to this one.
  4. i have never done skate with the canes before and hope to do it this year, i am out of school tuesday so what time does everyone suggest i should be in line? also, how long do we skate with them? i am a skating coach at the garner ice house, so are we able to bring in our own skates? sorry, i'm full of questions, haha.
  5. can anyone come and watch? i don't want to go and be the only one there! more details please!
  6. I enjoyed getting to meet the guys. I actually got a group picture with all of them and me, it was really cool. They were all so friendly!
  7. i was at the carolina mudcats game last night, and saw tom barrasso.
  8. i was at the carolina mudcats game last night, and saw tom barrasso.
  9. David, I have been a fan of yours since day one. I hope you get to feeling better. May your skates never let you down! Your Fan, Bailey
  10. GET WELL SOON CHAD! I miss seeing your energy on the ice, you're a great team player! Your Fan, Bailey p.s.- i actually just saw you yesterday in Target. Thanks for making my day!
  11. no, i had my camera. but as soon as he came out, it went dead. <_<
  12. I think they need more practice, hopefully they won 't take the day off .. i think they need it. and plus, i'm in school right now, my mom said she'd come get me out early and take me if it isn't canceled. so i'm hoping its not! lol
  13. thats the truth do you know if they are still going to be practicing today at the reczone? because sometimes they tend to cancel on us.
  14. Cam has GOT to be the nicest i've met. I am a figure skater and he signed my skate one time at the RecZone, and he told me good luck with my skating and stuff. He was so nice. and then one time I was at practice at the Cary Ice House, and it was right after they won the cup, Wesley was out on the ice doing an interview, so I asked him to sign my skate too, and he said that my skate was the first skate he has ever signed. He was really nice too.
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