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  1. Great game last night, exciting atmosphere. Where I was there were no problems. Sabres fans can be bad for sure, but I do think that everything we do in your house is viewed under a microscope by Cans fans who are aware of the past incidents (and that is at least somewhat justifiable, I admit). Just curious, when you guys play other teams do you put as many negative comments up on the jumbo tron as you did last night? Glad you all like them, but considering that 1/3 of the people in the seats that otherwise may not have been filled are from Buffalo it seemed like it went a little far (in my opinion at least, I respect if you disagree with that). Referring to Jim Kelly, he played college football at Miami (the Hurricanes). That is why he said what he did in that clip ...
  2. I wasn't going to say anything in this thread, but this shot at Buffalo fans is off base. The Bills fans are not "pathetic". The games are sold out every year, what else can a fan base do? If you looked into the situation at all, you would learn that it has less to do with the fan base and more to do with the fact that there are not large corporations in Buffalo willing to purchase very expensive box seats like there are in other big cities. That is what makes the home games less profitable. The games are sold out, however, which to me makes me feel that it is not the fans that are pathetic. If you want to talk about pathetic fans, how about mentioning not being able to sell out playoff games?
  3. Sorry, bitterness corrected. At least you have a cup. Feeling depressed after losing at the winter classic!
  4. On the bright side, it is still somewhat early in the season. With a fairly weak SE division, hopefully you can get over these injuries and still be in good shape for the playoffs. I would rather have these injuries now than a few weeks before the playoffs, so hopefully that is a bright side ...
  5. Caniacs, I am very glad to see that Erik may be doing better than everyone initially feared. Buffalo fans including myself understand the feelings you have been through, having gone through the Kevin Everett situation. I remember how nice it was to read posts from fans of other teams when Kevin was hurt, so I am glad to see you are getting well wishes also. I will continue to hope that he makes a speedy recovery. Kevin
  6. Thanks legend, I did know that, I am a big Buffalo Bills fan (surprise) and I have kept up with his progress. It is indeed great news, but as you said, it doesn't improve at all what the fan said. I did not bring that quote up to make you guys feel bad; I have been to plenty of hockey games and the Canes fans are some of the classiest, nicest most respectful fans anywhere. I have formed that opinion from the encounters I have had with many Canes fans, and that opinion would not change due to an exchange with one fan who acts inappropriately. If I did that then I would be doing exactly what I don't want the Canes fans to do regarding Buffalo fans! Hopefully those of you that have had many pleasant encounters with Sabres fans but a couple bad ones as well can feel that way too. For those of you that have had more unpleasant exchanges than pleasant ones, I can understand your feelings on the subject and I only hope you can have more positive ones in the future! Kevin
  7. I think most may be an exaggeration....Maybe at the playoff game a few years ago, but at least (to me) it didn't seem like that last night. I can come up with examples of poor Canes' fan behavior too. When Gaustad when down the Canes fan next to me made a joke comparing him to Kevin Everett, the Buffalo Bills player who is now paralyzed after taking a hit to the head. Do I think all Canes fans are like him? No. When I was leaving the game I had a Canes fan taunting me. I love being taunted about having to drive all the way back up to Buffalo, that is a good one. I do not doubt that there are more examples of Sabres fans misbehaving than Canes fans, but sweeping generalizations based on the actions of a few are easy to make and not always correct. Most of you Canes fans seem to have a good attitude about the situation, but I wish the ones who make such sweeping generalizations about the entire Buffalo fan base would take a step back and think about it. Kevin Quoting Walker_24: Its a shame that most (not all) buffalo fans can be so disrespectful and not care for anybody or property in the arena! There is no excuse for the way their fans acted! its just ridiculous
  8. I know it was tough for me making my long drive all the way back to North Raleigh. I doubt many of the fans at the game drove from Buffalo; my guess would be they mainly live down here now. I don't see why someone from Buffalo can't stay loyal to their team. Just because people leave somewhere because of better job oppurtunities somewhere else does not mean they should abandon the teams they grew up with. I will admit, there are obviously better jobs in many different fields in Raleigh than there are in Buffalo. But I refuse to drop the teams that I spent the first 25 years of my life cheering for. That is all for me in this discussion. I don't know why I take it personally because I have 0 control over what other fans do but it is hard not to when generalizations about the entire city you grew up in are made. Kevin
  9. Everyone, Sorry to hear about the poor behavior of a fellow Sabres fan. I was hopeful that the incidents of the past could be put aside but I guess they linger on. The section I was in was a good mix of Canes fans and Sabres fans with no incidents. I am hopeful that this was the case in most sections as well. I would imagine most people would be more inclined to post about negative fan behavior as opposed to positive. If you are a Canes fan and had a good experience tonight, speak up! I hope you are out there. I know that I personally spoke to a few that would probably have good things to say. Besides that, congrats on a great game. The Canes look like a much more solid team right now, and I can only hope for our sake that during the course of the long season the team will start to play better. But it doesn't look great! Take care. Kevin
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