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  1. Just had to see how this posting thing works. I am back because I need a forum to praise and also be able to vent some of the frustrations in being a hockey fan. This should be a good year.
  2. Can someone tell me how to e-mail - pm - or whatever you call it one of the admins? I can't figure something out.
  3. I sure am glad someone else brought this up. I sent a msg to ref107 and he sent me a msg explaing the rules. You adminstrators are cluttering up this message board by this constant lock up procedure. What is up with that. For God's sake let the fans have their board.
  4. Vasicek has had many chances to prove himself. It ain't going to happen. Please let him go this time. It is so painful to watch him get hit and then get into a stare down contest with the guy who just hit him.
  5. We are missing many key players that took us to the Cup. When you consider Aaron Ward - Mark Recchi - Doug Weight - Matt Cullen - Martin Gerber and maybe a couple of others.... These are some top notch players who made a huge difference to our team. The replacements were just O.K. Then you toss in all the injuries. You never knew who was available to play. The lines changed almost game to game. The biggest factor I think though is fatigue. I think the remaining players are just plain tired. I don't care how great of athletes these guys are they have had a long 1 1/2 - 2 year non stop action. Consider the public relations gigs that went along with the cup. These guys need a break. I hope they all relax this summer - go fishing - play golf - play golf and forget about hockey for a couple of months. With the core players that we have and some of the trades that will occur I think we have some great years ahead of us.
  6. I would say look I know you are all worn out. Let's just relax and have fun playing hockey again. All this pressure of trying to repeat has got to go away. Let's just have fun and let the chips fall where they may.
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